Waka Flocka And Raury Make Vegan Munchies In VICE’s Kitchen, Gangster Style [Video]

Nobody has ever made vegan food with such gangster gusto— until, that is, hip hop homies Waka Flocka and Raury joined forces in the kitchen on the latest episode of Munchies by VICE to do just that. In the eight-minute “how-to” episode, uploaded to VICE’s website on Friday, Waka Flocka and Raury make vegan munchies together and discuss Raury’s and Waka’s unusual new titles: world’s first vegan rappers. The ‘hood factor is taken higher still by the dish they’ve chosen to make: blueberry muffins, which – if VICE is telling the truth – are so good that we won’t even miss the butter.

So, what is it like to be the biggest vegans in the ghetto – or the biggest gangsters in the vegan world? Waka opens the episode with an explanation.

“People wanna know, Waka, how the f**k did your ghetto ass turn vegan?” begins Flocka. “That’s exactly like the first word… They’re like yo, do you know you’re going down in history as the first vegan rapper, first hood vegan rapper? Somebody thought I was fighting cancer or something. Nah, I just didn’t wanna be fat. I got tired of breathing hard. I got tired of my joints hurting. I just got tired of being lied to,” explains Waka.

Waka Flocka Flame attends the "Pixels" premiere in New York (Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)

Waka is no liar himself when it comes to food.

“I’m not gonna lie… them burgers are good as f*ck,” Flocka offers.

Raury concurs: he has wet dreams about Chick-Fil-A.

So what are Waka Flocka and Raury doing in VICE’s kitchen, making vegan munchies – and why blueberry muffins? To Flocka, blueberry muffins are a no-brainer: blueberries are nutrient-rich superfoods, the recipe contains the current champion of healthy cooking, coconut oil, and all-natural ingredients, and muffins are the perfect snack.

Waka Flocka and Raury make vegan munchies

Waka and Raury are both teaching and learning as they complete the steps of the recipe: Flocka becomes acquainted with the term “to zest” as he removes the rind from a lemon for the batter; and Raury informs viewers that lemon juice curdles coconut milk, thereby creating a popular butter substitute for dairy-free baking.

Flocka mentions that his friends often question the range of nutrients available to vegans, particularly protein. Both Waka and Raury are quick to explain that many protein-rich foods like kale, walnuts and quinoa keep them energized and healthy.

“My friends are always sayin, ‘it’s like walking with a bowl of spinach!’,” says Flocka, who is clearly having fun in the kitchen.

By the end of the episode, Flocka has friends over to test the product – and the verdict is unanimously positive.

“It doesn’t taste, like, vegan,” asserts one of Waka’s friends.

Waka Flocka isn’t the only animal-friendly eater in the music world: pop-electronica extraordinaire Grimes is a proud vegan, and frequently writes about it on her blog. She brought hoards of Canadian vegans to the doorstep of an ice cream parlour when she wrote about their dairy-free offerings last year.

Though the flavor of the week was blueberry muffins, both artists’ profiles extend far beyond VICE’s kitchen. Waka Flocka’s recent ‘LA Weed Party’ garnered immense publicity, and was attended by hundreds of fans and followers.

While Flocka and Raury make vegan munchies every now and then, fans can count on music releases from Waka under his stage name, Waka Flocka Flame. His track, “What’s happenin’,” a collaboration with French Montana, is an exciting preview of his long-awaited album, the release date of which is unknown.

[Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images]