National Organization For Marriage: ‘Dump Trump’ For Stance On LGBT Rights

The National Organization for Marriage’s “Dump Trump” ad calls for those who still oppose marriage equality to consider Donald Trump a non-option in the upcoming presidential election. The conservative group recently questioned its following, asking for opinions on the GOP hopeful’s true stance on marriage equality and LGBT rights. Shortly afterward, the new ad was released.

On Wednesday, NOM shared an article from the Conservative Review on the non-profit conservative group’s Facebook page.

In the article, Trump is quoted as promising that the LGBT community will continue to see rights expand under him as president. NOM polled followers, asking whether the notion that Trump would support LGBT rights seemed legitimate or paranoid.

It seems they took their fan following’s opinions to heart, because only two days later, the National Organization for Marriage released the following short ad, asking NOM supporters to “Dump Trump.”

It’s also clear NOM took some time to look into Trump’s reactions to the 2015 Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. They cite him commenting that, now that SCOTUS has ruled, the matter is settled.

America’s stance on marriage equality has seen a major shift. Gallup polls, even last May, before SCOTUS ruled, showed a majority supporting same-sex couples’ right to marriage. Pew Research Center also shows that the opposition to marriage equality dropped by nearly half over the past two decades. (That’s also cutting off in 2015, so it doesn’t show any changes since SCOTUS ruled.)

However, these polls show America as a whole, and the opinion of conservatives and Republicans will be more relative both to National Organization for Marriage and Donald Trump. Though Pew also shows an increasing number of Republicans supporting marriage equality, it’s still far fewer than half — about 32 percent in 2015.

National Organization for Marriage: Dump Trump, South Carolina [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Trump is still doing well in polls, and just took the Republican win in New Hampshire’s primary. However, Ted Cruz is a near opponent, and if a well-known conservative group like NOM caused any substantial portion of Trump’s following to reconsider their vote, it might be the end of the race for the Donald.

Speaking of Ted Cruz, though National Organization for Marriage didn’t suggest an alternative candidate in their brief video, and finished the ad with the disclaimer that it wasn’t authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the group has endorsed a candidate.

In December, NOM announced an official endorsement of Ted Cruz for president — though the IRS warns that 501(c)(4) organizations, such as NOM,

“…must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare.”

The IRS further clarifies,

“…promotion of social welfare does not include direct or indirect participation or intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.”

(Exceptions may be allowed, but must not be the primary purpose of the organization and may not be tax-exempt.)

The National Organization for Marriage has also spoken against Trump previously, warning followers that he wouldn’t promise to pass FADA — a law intended to protect those who discriminate against LGBT individuals, calling the discrimination an act of religious liberty and speech.

Now, in conjunction with the new ad, NOM is declaring Trump generally immoral and unfit, citing his sexual history and expressions of his own religious beliefs, among other factors.

“He sees nothing wrong with operating strip clubs and he became the first casino owner to house a strip club. He openly admits to serial adultery and having sex with married women. He has said that there is nothing in his life about which he feels the need to repent to the Lord. And he says he’ll consider appointing his sister to the US Supreme Court — the same woman who as a federal judge ruled in favor of partial birth abortion.”

The group says they wanted the ad out, reaching voters before the South Carolina primary later this month. If the National Organization for Marriage’s “Dump Trump” ad is successful in swaying South Carolina voters, it could make a dent in Trump’s chances at nomination.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]