Calvin Harris Quietly Supports Taylor Swift After Kanye West’s Misogynistic Diss

Calvin Harris has been keeping mum about his relationship with Taylor Swift. So it would come as no surprise that the DJ has also been quietly supporting his girlfriend behind closed doors.

The pop culture world was aghast when they found out that Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift on his new album, The Life of Pablo. In the first track called “Famous,” West talks about having sex with the singer since he “made her famous.”

An insider revealed to the Hollywood Life that Calvin Harris has showered his girlfriend in light of the misogynistic diss. Calvin took advantage of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday to send the singer over a dozen roses.

“Taylor woke up today to over 20 dozen roses being delivered to her. Calvin felt bad about her rough day yesterday with Kanye and so he decided to cheer her up with red roses, lots of them. She is surrounded by so many roses today that she can’t even count them all. After the drama with Kanye yesterday, Calvin decided to kick off Valentine’s day early. He wanted to surprise her and sees the roses as just the beginning to a long romantic weekend with more gifts and more surprises. Taylor loves the flowers and her man.”

In addition to sending Swift roses, Harris mocked Kanye on Instagram, although that flew under the radar by many people. He left a long “lol” on Austin Swift’s Instagram page. He posted a video of himself throwing away his Yeezy Adidas sneakers, designed by West. The post sparked a comment out of Harris, which revealed that he enjoyed the video a little too much.

“LOOOOOOOOOOL,” Calvin commented on Austin’s clip, to prove to everyone how funny trashing Kanye’s Yeezy’s was. The music producer has yet to address the controversy on his own social media accounts. While Taylor’s friends like Gigi Hadid, Jaime King, and Ruby Rose have since spoken out about the controversy, she may have asked Calvin to not to speak out for now.

That’s because Kanye West isn’t the only one who’s vocal on social media. Calvin Harris has gotten himself into a few Twitter feuds as well. He infamously started a feud with former One Direction member Zayn Malik in summer 2015. Malik retweeted a photo supporting Miley Cyrus and slamming Taylor Swift at the same time.

Then Calvin used Twitter to slam the media for alleging that he received a “happy ending massage” at a Thai massage parlor in Los Angeles. Since those brief Twitter rants, the “How Deep Is Your Love” hit maker has stayed quiet on social media, for the most part.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have even kept quiet about their relationship. The couple has made a reappearance on each other’s Instagram pages when they went on a snow-filled vacation together over the holidays. It’s almost been a year since Tay Tay and Cal have started dating, and fans are wondering how deep their love really is.

The couple first met at the 2015 Brit Awards. An insider revealed to E! Online that Swift and Harris spent most of the night together in a private room.

“He is taken with her. They actually make a great couple. They are just getting to know each other and we’ll see what happens.”

There were reports that Tayvin were living together and getting engaged soon, but Taylor’s rep has since denied those reports. In an interview with KISS FM UK, Calvin last said that he’s “insanely happy” about his relationship with the singer. Other than praising his girl for “changing the music industry,” he hasn’t said anything more since then.

Their relationship has been built on hearsay and rumors. Another insider revealed to the Hollywood Life that Swift and Harris will enjoy a quiet dinner and some much-needed alone time during the Valentine’s Day weekend. Here’s hoping Kanye won’t crash their romantic date like the last time.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]