Kanye West Gaslights Taylor Swift In Song Lyric, Then Wedges Ruby Rose

Caitlin Johnstone

Ruby Rose has called out Kanye West on Twitter for publicly gaslighting Taylor Swift in the lyric of his latest release "Famous," and he's responded by attempting to wedge the good friends.

Kanye West made himself famous by wedging women. He was a virtual unknown when he burst on the stage stealing the mic from Taylor Swift back in 2009 with his first and most famous wedge, blustering out - "I'm sorry Taylor, you'll have your moment, but I have to say Beyonce made the best video of all time!"

The ever graceful Queen Bey, Beyonce, realized straight away that Kanye was not just trying to get himself noticed, he was trying to create an argument between the two women, so she later invited Taylor on stage to "have her moment" and women held hands and showed unity.

It did nothing to deter Kanye though. The incident made headlines all over the world, and the once relatively obscure rapper was suddenly on the A-list. Kanye has since taken every opportunity to pit women against each other while bigging up his profile, from his ex, Amber Rose, to his wife, Kim Kardashian.

His latest spate of Twitter conflicts has people wondering, has Kanye gone one wedge too far this time? Especially seeing as he's taken on the fire of Ruby Rose, an actor on Orange Is The New Black, attempting to wedge her and -- you guessed it -- his very favorite wedging plant and Ruby's good buddy, Taylor Swift.

Ruby Rose is not someone you want to cross. Renowned in her home country of Australia for being a fiery defender of all things heart-centered and feminist, the Aussie hell-raiser took on Kanye West for his demeaning treatment of Taylor Swift in the lyric of his latest release "Famous."

Ruby Rose tweeted her response.

There's so much happening in that lyric, not least of all the re-working of history. It was Taylor Swift's high profile at the time that made Kanye famous. Swift was the one winning the award; Kanye was merely the virtually-unknown nuisance troll. She made him famous. He owes her.

When you make up a lie about the past and keep saying it like it's true, and keep repeating the new story until people believe it, it's called "gaslighting." Kanye West is attempting gaslight the world about how he got famous. And as a feminist, Ruby Rose knows it.

Gaslighting is not cool with feminists. Calling her a b**ch doesn't go down that well either. And insinuating that Taylor Swift "might still have sex" with Kanye because she owes him for being famous is so stomach-churningly demeaning of the artistry of the widely-acknowledged goddess of pop. Pretending that all Taylor's artistic achievements, hard work, and mind-blowing talent had nothing to do with her success, and all her fame is due to the bumbling and ineffectual troll of a serial nuisance offender.

That's disgusting enough to a feminist, but then to suggest Swift might have to have sex with him to pay off the debt he imagines she has with him -- well that's really yucky, Kanye. No. You don't get to do that.

In one lyric, Kanye's attempted to reverse their power dynamic forever, and put himself in the power position.

Well, we all know that's not true, Kanye. And Taylor's mate Ruby Rose was having none of it.

Kanye came out firing with his favorite tactic -- ah yes, you guessed it, a wedge. He attempted to wedge Ruby Rose and Taylor Swift's friendship by insinuating that he'd already received the blessings of Swift, and Ruby didn't know what she was talking about.

But even for Kanye, that was one step too far. Obviously having gone away and had a little re-think, and knowing that his "hour long convo" with Taylor Swift could easily be called out as a lie by her and her squad, he followed up with this tweet, attempting to cover the first story about the hour long conversation, with another more plausible and less trackable story about how he knew Taylor had given him "her blessings."

Ruby didn't even blink. She'd already checked with her bud.

Kanye is of course, married to Kim Kardashian who has just given birth to their second child. Despite his assertion that he has the blessings of his wife, Kim is yet to comment on what she thinks of the line "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex."

Ah Kanye. Wedging women since forever. Silly boy.

[Photo by Jason DeCrow/AP Images]