Zayn Malik Dyes His Hair Pink, Thanks His Parent For His Solo Success

Zayn Malik dyed his hair pink, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Or maybe he decided that it was time for a change. Earlier this week, it was assumed that Joe Jonas was coping Zayn’s blonde tips.

Gigi Hadid’s ex-boyfriend was spotted wearing a hair color that’s similar to the “Pillowtalk” singer’s. Malik, 22, changed up his hair by coloring his tips a light shade of pink. His hair kind of looks like cotton candy. A lucky fan shared a photo of himself with the singer on Friday, Feb. 12.

The recent news about Zayn Malik’s hair color comes after reports speculated that Joe Jonas was copying his hair style and street style. On Feb. 2, Zayn was spotted on a dinner date with Gigi at The Nice Guy wearing blonde highlights. He was also seen rocking the color in his debut solo video. Days later on Feb. 4, Joe was seen rocking similar blonde highlights at Craig’s in Los Angeles, making some wonder if he’s copying the former 1D member.

Meanwhile, Malik has been taking over the music charts. His song was No. 1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the iTunes charts. Malik has become the first British solo artist to have the No. 1 spot. Now he’s thanking his parents for being super supportive of his solo career.

Zayn Malik and his mom

He revealed to Global’s Kevin Hughes about the people in his life who have been the biggest cheerleaders throughout his career.

“There’s been a lot of people that have reached out but I guess the people that mean the most to you, like friends and family and personal people at home supporting you,” the host asked.

“I guess the biggest support I’ve got is my mum and dad and that’s quite a nice thing to say. It might not be the coolest thing to say but it’s the truth.”

Now some are wondering if Gigi is still one of Zayn’s biggest supporters. Break-up rumors have been haunting the couple once again. According to Unreality TV UK, Zayn has been keeping his distance from his girlfriend after their three-month relationship. Insiders close to the singer say that his behavior has taken a sudden turn from last week, where Gigi and Zayn were spotted flirting on social media.

Apparently, Malik needs some time to figure out whether or not he should get into a long-term relationship with the model. He wants to take some time to reevaluate his life and his priorities, insiders claim.

“Zayn could be back tracking and cooling things off. He told Gigi he needs space. She came on strong, but he’s not sure he can deal with that kind of commitment right now.”

One of the sources added that Malik has been feeling “smothered” by their whirlwind romance, and wants to live his life as a single man. It may even benefit him when it comes to his burgeoning music career.

“Zayn asked Gigi to let him have more time to himself. He’s feeling a bit smothered. He was having at first, but now he’s a lot busier. Yes, he asked her to be in his video, but that was filmed weeks ago things have changed.”

Others claim that Malik’s sudden change of heart may have to do with her parents. A previous report on the British entertainment blog suggests that Hadid’s mom doesn’t like Malik and prefers her daughter with the Jonas brother instead. Insiders said that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star thinks that Malik is using Hadid for promo and publicity right now.

This comes a week after Zayn Malik finally confirmed that he’s dating the blonde beauty. Then Gigi opened up to Love Magazine about why she loves dating people who are in the same industry as her. Hopefully their parents won’t get in the way of Zayn and Gigi’s relationship.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]