‘Battleborn’ Developers Explore The Lore Behind The Jennerit, One Of The Game’s Five Factions

In Battleborn, players can choose between 25 playable characters each with their own distinct powers and backgrounds. Each one of the characters available is part of one of the game’s five factions which play into the game’s sci-fi lore. After all, Battleborn boasts a repeatable story mode perfect for players looking for a non-competitive co-operative experience.

With characters like Toby, an adorable penguin in a mechanized robot, and Miko, a sentient mushroom man with healing powers, it can be easy to overlook someone like Rath or Ambra, both Jennerit. Although they may not seem so extravagant at first glance, the Jennerit and the playable Battleborn characters from that faction often have an interesting past.


There are two sides in the Jennerit faction. There are those that decided to fight alongside the other Battleborn characters in an effort to save the last star in the universe, and there are those that follow the betrayer Rendain as members of the Jennerit Imperium. The Jennerit people are four-fingered and angular in appearance. They seek out perfection in every aspect of life and live by the “Any Deed. Any Price,” motto. Before things took a turn with the Varelsi threat, the Jennerit people reached further through the universe than any other faction.

According to the official background posted on the game’s official website, Rendain served at the side of the Empress Lenore for thousands of years. Considering select Jennerit have achieved Sustainment, a type of immortality, Rendain acted as Empress Lenore’s “right hand” for almost 20,000 years. When planets started going dark, the Sustained Rendain decided he should survive above all others.

Battleborn The Jennerit aesthetic in Battleborn [Image via Battleborn.com]Rendain then sided with the Varelsi and overthrew Jennar, the Jennerit throneworld, destroying everyone on it including Empress Lenore. After it went dark, he began to lead the Jennerit Imperium, an order focused on completing the darkening of the universe with Varelsi. Now, the heroes of Battleborn must fight to put a stop to Rendain and the goal of the Varelsi.

Once Jennar was destroyed, the Jennerit people moved back to the planet of Tempest at the behest of Rendain. This planet is “artificially tidally-locked” with a fixed orbit. In a different background entry on the Jennerit, it is said that only a sliver of land is inhabitable as other regions are much too cold or far too hot. Following a rigid caste system, Sustained Jennerit live lavishly in the floating cities of Echelon or aboard the massive Exodus starship. In the lower settlements, other Jennerit people live mundanely near factories, mines, and the Thrall. Beneath any Jennerit lower settlement, visitors will find the Jennerit Fighting Pits where warriors are made and defeated.

Battleborn The Tempest planet, home now to the Jennerit [Image via Battleborn.com]Battleborn playable characters belonging to the Jennerit faction touch on many aspects of the faction’s lore. For instance, Ambra and Deande were members of the Jennerit Silent Sisters; those responsible for improving the Sustainment process. Rath once guarded Empress Lenore, Attikus is a slave Thrall from the lower settlements, and Caldarius earned Sustainment from fighting in the Pits.

Jennerit lore and characters in Battleborn is very different from the first faction previewed by Gearbox Software. As the Inquisitr reported, the knowledgeable Eldrid focus on saving life wherever present while learning as much as they can. Battleborn characters from this faction are often accented in green, nature-themed aesthetics while those from the Jennerit faction are clad in red and black angular attire.

Battleborn releases on May 3 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The FPS will include a multistage story mode that is repeatable in addition to three competitive PvP modes including Incursion, Capture, and Meltdown. The upcoming title from 2k Games and Gearbox Software will also support splitscreen play for the story mode, and Battleborn will also feature character levels, account levels, and loot.

[Image via Gearbox Software]