How Is Master P's Net Worth Still Ranked As One Of Rap's Top 5 Highest Paid?

Antonio J. Newell

Although you may not see much of Master P. in headlines, it doesn't mean that he's fallen off. He's like a phone app that's running in the background. Net worth wise, Master P. is still ranking as one of the top five rap icons to date. But how?

When is the last time you heard a hit record or song from Percy "Master P." Miller, on a national level? Nowadays, if it's not about "dabbing," the "Nae-Nae," "hittin' dem folks," the "whip," or "hittin' the Quan," it's almost perceived that other songs are irrelevant to the current generation.

However, there are a few "old heads" who still stand the test of time. And while you see Forbes' listed "Five" hip hop icons in media headlines, you rarely see Master P. Yet, his net worth is reportedly near $400 million — approximately raking in $45 million per year. Why didn't the financial medium mention Master P. in the Forbes Five article?

Celebrity Net Worth elaborates on the business mogul's financial journey in the following video.

However — to momentarily backtrack — according to Celebrity Net Worth, Master P. developed his financial savvy-ness from the several business classes taken at Merritt Junior College. In regards to the journey, the source mentions as follows.

"Armed with $10,000 and two years worth of junior college business classes, Master P. decided to open a record store. He found a dilapidated building and struck a deal with the owner that gave him the first three months rent free in exchange for cleaning and renovating the storefront. The 21 year old future mogul soon launched 'No Limit Records & Tapes' on San Pablo Avenue in Richmond, California."

However, his second album reportedly sold 150,000 units. As an independent label, this was quite unheard-of at the time. This was still during the era when major labels reigned supreme. With majors, it was "get down or lay down," as far as your music career was concerned.

Yet, Master P.'s third album, The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!, reportedly sold 250,000 units, approximately netting the New Orleans mogul $900,000 — independently. With this kind of success, you know it's only a matter of time before major labels want you on their teams. And from evidence, Master P. was able to leverage his fame on the negotiating table. The source quotes Master P.'s negotiating power as follows.

"Master P. was able to secure an unprecedented deal between No Limit and Priority Records. Not only would No Limit receive a $375,000 advance for every album produced and 75% of the wholesale price for every album sold (the standard at the time for a major artist like Madonna was 25-50%), but at the end of the deal Master P. would own every master recording from his entire roster of artists, including himself."

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