Microsoft Readies Surface Phone: Is It The Surface Pro 4 In Smartphone Format?

The Surface Pro line has been a big success for Microsoft, who is not resting on their laurels. Many sources point to the release of a Surface Phone by the end of the year. PC-Tablet has the news.

“The Surface mobile device has not been announced or officially recognized by Microsoft. However, according to the rumors this device would be roughly designed around the Surface tablets, and could be aimed at businesses. With this device, it is expected to that Microsoft ‘s failing smartphone efforts would turn around.”

Apple iPhone 6s Plus Will the iPhone now have major competition from Microsoft’s Surface Phone? [Photo via Daryl Deino]The article adds that the Surface Phone will be a flagship smartphone that has an industrial design similar to the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Intel has allegedly been heavily involved with this smartphone project.

According to Redmond Magazine, not only will the Surface Phone take on the same characteristics of the Surface Pro, but it may offer an optional keyboard as well. Most sources believe that instead of running a mobile version of Windows, the Surface Phone will run a full version of Windows 10, although the processor obviously won’t be as powerful as it is in the Surface Pro 4. It’s possible that Microsoft can officially announce the Surface Phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which takes place on Thursday, February 25.

The Surface Phone has led to a lot of Reddit threads and has caused a lot of excitement.

“Yes. I hope such a phone does eventually come out. I have a SP3 and it’s great, I would probably buy a phone without even waiting for the reviews,” says commenter katsumiblisk.

“Ah running Visual Studio on my mobile device. Living the dream,” claims kernandb.

Twitter is excited about the Surface Phone as well.


Microsoft, a company that seemed dead in the water just three years ago, has revived itself with Windows 10 and, especially, the Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 4 was released last October and has received positive reviews. CNET gave Microsoft’s latest device four stars.

“The Surface Pro 4 fits a larger screen with a higher resolution into a slightly slimmer body than last year’s model. The pen and keyboard cover are also improved, and this is one of the first mobile systems shipping with Intel’s latest processors.”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Can the Surface Phone be as successful as the Surface Pro 4 — without all the bugs? [Photo via Daryl Deino]CNET didn’t like the fact that the Pro 4 is selling at a high price without even including the Type Cover. They also aren’t thrilled with the battery life. Actually, there are a lot of people not thrilled with the battery life on the Surface Pro 4, especially the version that contains the Intel Core i7 processor.

Microsoft is facing somewhat of a backlash for the Surface Pro 4 and, especially, the Surface Book because of problems with not only the battery life, but Sleep Mode not working, trackpad issues, and even problems with the graphics drivers. Some owners of the Microsoft Surface Book have claimed that all the bugs have made their computers unusable. Let’s hope that Microsoft fishes out the bugs in the Surface Phone before they release it to the general public.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]