Hayden Godfrey’s Facebook Photos: 17-Year-Old Buys 900 Carnations For All Girls In His School — Saved $450 For More Than 1 Year

Hayden Godfrey definitely knows how to make a girl’s day. Hayden is winning plenty of kudos two days before Valetine’s Day for making every girl in his high school feel special. Godfrey, a senior at Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah, didn’t just buy a flower for one girl. Hayden bought 900 carnations to pass out to more than 800 girls in his school.

The 17-year-old posted information to his Facebook account, with Godfrey explaining how it make him feel to give away so many flowers. The Facebook post by Hayden with nine new photos and him explaining the “thing” he did that brought him so many smiles — and lots of smiles for the girls, too — has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

“So I did a thing today.

“Today I passed out 900 carnations, one to every girl at SVHS and it was totally worth it. I don’t think anything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the halls.”

The response to Hayden’s viral Facebook post shows plenty of comments from students and parents who truly appreciate his gesture. One mother wrote how much it made her girls smile to receive flowers from Hayden.

“Ruth Saunders Williams Hayden Godfrey, this was awesome! My girls both came home smiling yesterday because of you! Thank you!”

As reported by ABC News, it wasn’t just a spur of the moment thought by Hayden to give all the girls in his school flowers. He actually planned the flower-buying for more than a year — having saved money from his McDonald’s cook job and storing away monies from washing dishes at a Mexican eatery. On top of those jobs, Hayden also worked as a grocery bagger in order to sock away the $450 it cost him to buy the 900 carnations.

Godfrey bought his booty of carnations from Global Rose, an online retailer that indeed quotes the cost of some carnations at $0.48 — so that’s about right that it cost $450 for 900 carnations. Everyone could learn a lesson from Hayden about sharing love, with the “sensitive soul” — as Godfrey’s mother, Erin Godfrey, called him — getting the idea from previous Valentine’s Day events. That’s when Hayden got the idea as a 14-year-old to buy flowers for dozens of friends in secret — with the gesture growing bigger and bigger.


Godfrey took his giving to a whole new level when he decided to make as many people as possible happy on Valentine’s Day, instead of witnessing a scene whereby some girls come home without romantic gifts. It’s a plight that Hayden noticed some girls experiencing since he was in middle school. Hayden’s mom said that when Godfrey saw certain girls go home empty-handed, he was spurred forward to do something about it. Hence, the idea to bless all the girls in the school with flowers took hold.

“That broke his heart on Valentine’s Day. He wanted every girl to feel joy.”

Godfrey had the carnations sent to his house 21 days ahead of time — then he got approximately 20 of his friends to help cut the flowers, which came with 24-inch long stems. After they bloomed, Hayden loaded them all into his mom and dad’s van and trotted them over to Sky View High School on Thursday.

Those who might think Hayden is a single guy should know that Lilyan Sharp, 18, is his girlfriend. Instead of being jealous, Lilyan was happy that her boyfriend was thoughtful enough to put a smile on every girl’s face — especially since she could empathize with not getting gifts on the holiday of love in the past.

“I, myself, spent a lot of Valentine’s Day not receiving anything. I know how it feels.”

For her gift, Hayden’s girlfriend got more good stuff from him: concert tickets for A Great Big World, the group that sings the amazing “Say Something” song.

Well, Godfrey said a big something with his Valentine’s Day.


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