‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Thorsten Kaye Returns, Squashes Rumors Of His Exit, Teases Baby’s Paternity Secret Exposed

Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease big drama is ahead for the Forrester family in the coming weeks. Thorsten Kaye has returned from his winter break, and he is ready to dive into the work and make Ridge’s presence known on the CBS soap opera. Kaye spent five weeks on the East coast. Now that he’s back in Los Angeles, he is ready to work and is thrilled to be a part of the soap opera.

Soap Opera Digest reported that Ridge will be back in the coming weeks, and he will be enthralled in a big storyline with Rick Forrester (Jacob Young). Apparently, the two men have bad blood boiling between them and it all centers on their connection to Caroline (Linsey Godfrey). The current battle will be for who will control Forrester Creations. It will be a war and at this point, not even Thorsten is sure who will win.


A long time ago, Rick was in love with Caroline and planned a life with her. Then Ridge came along, and stole her away from him, creating tension between them. If that’s not enough to cause a feud, there’s also the men’s competitive streak on the job. They both want to be in a position of power at Forrester Creations. It’s a recipe for a massive showdown — and someone is going to lose because they both can’t win.

As far as Caroline’s baby’s paternity, it’s going to come out soon. In soaps, there’s no such thing as secrets — and this secret is a big one. It will rock Thomas’ (Pierson Fode) world when he learns he is the father of Caroline’s baby. Thorsten noted the baby drama secret will be exposed soon. Apparently, Brad Bell isn’t going to keep the Bold and the Beautiful fans in the dark about her child’s paternity for long.


On Friday’s episode, She Knows Soaps reported that Caroline started having contractions, and Thomas was the one who offered to take her to the hospital to get checked out. Once they were there, the doctor ordered an ultrasound which revealed her baby is a boy. It should be a joyous occasion; however, it turns into a tension-filled ordeal with Thomas being the one there to support Caroline.

Caroline is terrified that Thomas will start asking questions and figure out her baby is his child, and not Ridge’s. It creates anxiety for Caroline, as she is sure that he is starting to suspect that he could be the baby daddy. In Caroline’s perspective, she cannot wait until Ridge arrives at the hospital, so she doesn’t have to be so close to Thomas. Will Thomas suspect that Ridge may not be the baby’s father? Has he put two and two together and figured out the baby is actually his child?


Bold and the Beautiful fans have been wondering when Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) would return on canvas for a few weeks now. It looks like he should be back in the next few weeks. Thorsten Kaye just needed a little vacation and family time; however, the handsome actor is back and ready to work. Kaye dismissed rumors that he may be stepping away from the CBS daytime drama by stating he is happy to be working with B&B and hopes to continue to work as Ridge for years to come.

Thorsten noted that when he was younger, he was able to travel coast to coast without any wear and tear on his body. Even so, Kaye explained he loves his job and hopes to stick around.


[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]