‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: New Trailer Released, 7 Characters At Risk Of Death – Has ‘TWD’ Gone Too Far?

The Walking Dead returns with their mid-season premiere on Sunday, February 14, and for many, the Valentine’s Day episode of the AMC hit will be anything but romantic. Although few real spoilers have been shared, the ones that have slipped past the cast and producers of The Walking Dead make it look like no one is safe yet again. There are even rumbles that many of the beloved cast members face death during the highly anticipated return of the show. As usual, there will be spoilers ahead, so be warned or stop reading now.

What we do know going into the next episode of The Walking Dead is that Rick and his crew will be forced out of Alexandria after walkers breach the safe haven and expose the group to one of the biggest threats ever. Now the TWD hero will be tasked with leading not only his own small and skilled crew, but he also has to shepard whoever is left from the inhabitants of Alexandria, who have no idea how to handle the multiple threats that await them outside the gates.

Season 6, episode 9, titled “No Way Out,” was previewed by Gizmodo prior to the mid-season premiere date, and they are a bit upset about the way some of the deaths occur in the upcoming episode. It’s pretty clear that someone or more than one of the group will die during “No Way Out,” and it will be because they or someone else working with the group did something really stupid. What is guaranteed, though, is that there will be at least one, if not a few key deaths during The Walking Dead on Sunday night that just might not sit well with fans of the show, and right now, we’re all waiting to find out just how outraged fans are going to be.

It’s pretty clear that something is going to happen to Carl, but he’s not dead yet. Spoilers regarding Carl were spilled earlier in the week, much to the displeasure of the actor who plays him, Chandler Riggs. Fox Russia reportedly spoiled Carl’s character when they accidentally posted photos of Carl with a bandage over his face, and many are claiming the injury happened after Rick’s son was shot in the face. Chandler was so upset about the accidental leak that he even threatened to block fans on Twitter who continued to circulate the spoiler picture of his character. Riggs tweeted, “Yo if you are posting spoilers, you’re getting blocked…lots of hard work from the cast and crew goes towards keeping things unreleased.”

To make things even more interesting, iDigital Times released a list of the seven characters that either could or should be killed off during the upcoming TWD episode or at least by the end of season 6. Daryl tops that list, and many believe the character played so well by superstar Norman Reedus just can’t continue past this season as the AMC superhit starts to align more with the comic book series from which The Walking Dead originated. For those not in the know, Daryl didn’t exist in the comic books and was added in after Reedus did such an amazing job with the Daryl Dixon character.

Glenn is also not expected to make it through the end of season 6 if The Walking Dead continues to align with the comic books. In the comics, Glenn meets his end in a very nasty way when Negan beats him with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Well, Negan has arrived, adding another very awful threat for the group, and the comic book storyline is starting to line up with that of the AMC hit. So will Glenn be a goner in the next episode or soon after?

Abraham and Sasha are definitely in danger in the very beginning of the TWD episode. AMC has released the first four minutes of The Walking Dead episode, “No Way Out,” and in it, we see one of Negan’s men aiming a gun as he confronts Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl. Unfortunately, Abraham seems to get his friends in trouble when he decides to mouth off to Negan’s group, not knowing just how vile and evil the leader of the Wolves can be.

There is also a huge possibility that Eugene is doomed, especially considering how awkward he can be. We all know that Eugene is about as equipped to fight walkers as the inept Alexandria residents, which is why Rick’s love interest and her son comprise the last two major characters expected not to survive. A major spoiler shows the group trying an old trick of covering themselves in walker blood as they try to maneuver through a horde of the dead without being detected. Unfortunately, Sam starts yelling for his mom and attracts the attention of a huge horde, endangering the entire group. Who will die because Sam couldn’t stay quiet?

Check out the first four minutes of The Walking Dead season 6, episode 9 titled “No Way Out” below. Who do you think will die during the Valentine’s Day return of TWD?

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]