Netflix Black Market — Tickets Being Sold For As Low As 45 Cents

Netflix broadening its market was seen as a perfect marriage between the company and movie fans, as the internet streaming giant was able to operate in 190 countries while the movie fanatics were able to watch the movie of their choice even if it was not in a theater in their region. But the marriage is being put to test by underground hackers who are illegally selling passwords on Netflix black markets on the burrows of dark web.

It is not a well-hidden secret that the hackers were stealing Netflix subscription passwords, but reports suggest that the headache for Netflix has increased since their expansion in 130 regions. The Netflix black markets are now more notorious than ever.

According to research conducted by Symantec, a leading antivirus company, Netflix has managed to attract a new wave of the hackers from the new regions, who are attacking Netflix through malware string phishing campaigns.

Symantec also reports that many cyber criminals are selling the hacked Netflix subscriptions on the deep web for less than 25 cents. The ad lifted from the deep web by Symantec shows a passport vendor offering minimum purchase of four Netflix accounts for as low as $1.

Forbes reports that Brazil and Denmark are the countries under red alert. Netflix in Brazil endured a virulent malware campaign, in which malicious files faking themselves as Netflix software appeared on the attacked computer desktops. The person clicking these fake Netflix links would be redirected to a Netflix home page, which is a trap as the computer downloads the Trojan file called Infostealer.

Netflix, completely unaware of these disguised files, assumes that files are downloaded by users who have been lured into fake ads or unreal Netflix subscription offers.

These Trojan files and phishing scams are so effective that the Netflix black market is now starting to offer mega packages like free Netflix for a month or monthly subscriptions at a cheaper rate than the original Netflix offers.

Netflix Denmark, meanwhile, is subject to dedicated phishing campaigns. The scammers are trying to steal Netflix subscription details so they can sell the information at an extremely cheap price. This will make the actual subscribers sharing their details without them knowing anything about it. They are exploiting Netflix’s feature of up to four people being able to share the subscription.

In the phishing campaign, the compromised victims are sent an email which tells them to update their Netflix account as there is a potential problem with payment. The way the phishing campaigns works is that victims are sent an email telling them their Netflix account needs to be updated, as there’s an issue with their monthly payment — or something similar. From its research, Symanetc found that the majority of emails came from netflix@fakt[REDACTED].com. The link takes the user to the Netflix home page, where he or she has to enter the valuable subscription information, which becomes the showpiece in the Netflix black market.


These are worrying times for the company, as the Netflix black market is growing like mitosis. Forbes says that someone who has bought the Netflix generator will be able to create enough accounts to set up his own Netflix black market.

The word from Netflix black market is that customers are not to change their account details, as it would alert the original subscriber about the suspicious invasion of his account.

If the buyer from Netflix black market leaves the information unedited, the genuine subscriber can still notice someone tampering with the account via the “recently watched” list.

If you have a Netflix account and are noticing some funny business, you better check it out. Someone is possibly using your information miles away from your computer.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Gettyimages]