Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom — Inside Their Steamy New Romance, Plus Will He Join Her At The Grammy Awards?

Katy Perry’s new romance with Orlando Bloom came as a surprise to many fans. While the two were spotted getting close and personal with each other during the 2016 Golden Globes, there are still a lot of unknowns about their budding romance.

According to E! Online, reports of a romance between the two stars sprang up after they were spotted hanging out during a Golden Globes after party. Apparently, the get together was not casual in nature as the two were seen dancing to “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake and they even smoked a vape pen together.

“They didn’t enter the party at the same time. Orlando was over at Harvey’s table and as soon as Katy walked in she went straight over,” an inside source explained. “They were pretty much together the entire party. No PDA. Lots of smiles and laughing.”

It’s been over a month since the award ceremony, and things do not appear to be slowing down for the new couple. However, considering how Perry was still tied with John Mayer as recently as last month, there are still a lot of questions surrounding her new fling with Bloom.

Sparks flew between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the 2016 Golden Globes. [Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty] Sparks flew between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the 2016 Golden Globes. [Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty]It was difficult to believe that Perry and Bloom were romantically involved, considering her ties with Mayer and his with Selena Gomez. However, it appears as though the two have fully moved on from their past flames and on to a new steamy romance with each other.

In fact, despite her connections with Mayer, Bloom and Perry were once again spotted hanging out together during The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey play in Los Angeles. Then, on February 4, Bloom took Perry with him to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

“They seemed like they were really into each other and were flirting like crazy,” an inside source explained to Hollywood Life. “He couldn’t keep his hands off her, in a polite way, like playing with her hair and putting his arm around her.”

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom posed for photos backstage at a play. [Image via Instagram] Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom posed for photos backstage at a play. [Image via Instagram]Two days later the couple attended a birthday party at Robert Downey Jr.’s home. Bloom brought Perry with him to the event along with his young son, Flynn.

“[Katy] looked very comfortable with Flynn and they were both smiling and happy,” a witness revealed. “Katy didn’t know as many people as Orlando so she was a little more quiet and shy.”

According to Harpers Bazaar, photographs of the two revealed that Bloom and Perry drove to the party in the same car and left together. Bloom’s son, whom he had with Miranda Kerr, was also spotted in the back seat of their car.

Meanwhile, Bloom recently confirmed that he will be Perry’s date at the upcoming Grammy Awards. During an interview with X17 Online, the Lord of the Rings actor revealed that Perry will even join him on the red carpet, which all but confirms his new relationship with the singer.

“I’m going to be with Katy at the Grammys,” Bloom explained in the interview. “We’ll be on the red carpet together for all you guys to get pictures.”

The fact that Bloom and Perry will be attending the event as a couple will definitely be interesting to watch unfold, especially considering the other guests that are expected to make an appearance at the Grammys. This includes one of Perry’s ongoing enemies, Taylor Swift, and Bloom’s former flame, Selena Gomez. Justin Bieber is also set to perform during the ceremonies. Bieber and Bloom are known to have had their share of differences in the past.

Fans can watch Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom take to the red carpet when the Grammy Awards air on February 15 on CBS.

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[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]