‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Faces Tough Questions, Hayden Is Caught, And Helena’s Will Is Read

There are big things ahead with Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Kristina will face some tough questions, while romantic moments may be brewing for some pairs in Port Charles. There is more tension set to play out between Jordan and Curtis as some gather for the reading of Helena’s will. Just what can viewers expect from the February 12 show?

As viewers saw on Thursday’s episode, Molly got a bit suspicious when Kristina’s professor was brought up and she was scrambling to try to cover her tracks about her school issues. General Hospital spoilers detail that Molly will confront Kristina during Friday’s show, asking if she is gay.

Will Kristina open up to her sister about what she’s been sorting through, and what happened with Parker? Or will she dance around the details and try to keep this under wraps for a bit longer?

Maxie and Nathan are living together now, and it seems that they will be looking to bring another Port Charles couple closer together again as well. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps detail that they will form a plan to try to reunite Lulu and Dante. Fans know that the love is still there for these two, despite all the heartbreak and drama. If anybody can nudge them back together it’s surely “Naxie.” Previews also tease that there could be a big romantic moment coming in this show, or at least in an episode soon, for Nathan and Maxie.

Hayden and Nikolas just tied the knot, but both have been keeping huge secrets and are digging into one another’s business. People are buzzing about who Hayden really is, and who her father might be. General Hospital spoilers tease that having Elizabeth and her boys living at Wyndemere may cause some problems for Hayden. These two have never gotten along, and this living situation should make for quite the tense scenario.


Elizabeth will catch Hayden in the middle of something on Friday’s show and this new living arrangement is sure to cause plenty of conflict in the episodes ahead. This next show also brings the reading of Helena’s will, which will surely have a great impact on Nik and likely Hayden.

Laura has been told she needs to be at the will reading, making many speculate about the kind of chaos Helena set up on this front. General Hospital spoilers indicate that quite a few folks will gather together for the big event and there is said to be a surprise appearance of some sort. Not everybody believes that Helena Cassadine is truly dead, but viewers will have to tune in to see just how shocking the reading becomes.


Friday’s show also brings about a relationship obstacle for TJ and Molly, details Soap Central. Jordan will have a warning to share with Valerie regarding Curtis. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Valerie will be confronting Curtis during this episode, which may also be about his flirting with Valerie.

Much of this week has focused on Elizabeth, Jason, Sam and Jake, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is more coming on Friday’s show, too. Liz has had to face some difficult truths about the choices she has made, and that is said to come to a head in this episode. Sam is still in the hospital, and Jason continues to lend his support.

What do you think Helena put in her will that could shake up Port Charles? Will Kristina come clean with her family about her feelings for her professor? There is plenty of drama on the way as the February sweeps continue, and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images]