‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Caroline Is Rushed To The Hospital, Liam Asks Questions, And Wyatt Urges Steffy To Let Go

There is plenty of drama on the way with Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that Caroline will be facing some intense moments regarding her pregnancy, while Liam asks questions of Quinn. Meanwhile, Steffy is trying to face the fact that her relationship is seemingly over. What can viewers expect from the February 12 show?

As everybody saw on Thursday’s episode, Quinn managed to create a voice mail for Steffy that made it sound as if Liam was telling her to leave him alone once and for all. She was heartbroken after hearing it and Wyatt was stunned that his brother could have been so cold. In addition, Thomas opened up to Caroline about his growth, but she suddenly started having contractions.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Thomas will insist on taking Caroline to the hospital to get checked out. She may try to resist initially, but the two will make their way in to see a doctor. According to We Love Soaps, Caroline will learn something significant while at the hospital.

Just what is this information Caroline learns? Soap Central teases Bold and Beautiful spoilers that she makes an accidental discovery at the hospital, and the buzz is that she will learn the baby’s gender. Given the truth about the baby’s father, and the emotional moments that Thomas has just shared with Caroline over their complicated relationship, some would bet learning the baby’s gender accidentally with Thomas rather than Ridge will leave Caroline feeling a bit shaken and unsettled.

Also ahead on Friday’s episode is more drama with Steffy and Wyatt. He has been right by her side since Liam accidentally headed to Australia. He has even been trying to convince her to elope and marry him. Steffy has been adamant that she needs closure from her ex first, but she finally thinks she has gotten over him. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that two couples will start making moves toward taking their relationships to the next level during this next episode. Steffy and Wyatt are clearly one of these couples.

Will Steffy agree to marry Wyatt, now that she has gotten what she thinks is a phone call from Liam? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are teasing that these two will head off to elope relatively soon, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more drama on the way. The buzz is that Liam may recover his memory just in time to interrupt the nuptials, but a timeline for when this will play out has not yet been revealed.

As for Liam and Quinn, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will open up about being frustrated over everything that he does not remember about his life. Quinn will offer to answer any questions he has, and she will also tell him that she is all he will ever need.

There have been Bold and Beautiful spoilers hinting that things could get intimate soon between these two, a storyline idea that has generated a great deal of buzz among B&B fans. Will the show really have Quinn and Liam sleep together? When and how does he get his memory back, and how much will it shake everything up? There is plenty more drama on the way and The Bold and the Beautiful fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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