Model Arrested For Kidnapping, Torturing Catwalk Rival For Posting Images Of Her Before Plastic Surgery

A model has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping, torturing, and dumping a rival model on the side of the road naked after a social media feud. Model Carolina Munoz from Colombia was allegedly kidnapped from a restaurant by model Yeimi Rey and her sister Claudia. The sisters are accused of then electrocuting, torturing, and humiliating Munoz after they became enraged that she shared old images to social media of the sisters before they had plastic surgery. The women reportedly cut Munoz’s hair and took nude photos of the woman before posting the embarrassing images online as revenge. They then dumped the naked Munoz on the side of the road.

The Sun reports that Colombia model Yeimi Rey has been arrested on charges of kidnapping and abusing fellow model Carolina Munoz. The incident allegedly began when Yeimi and her sister Claudia got into a feud online with Munoz. Following a stream of insults online, Munoz admits that she created fake profiles of her rival models and used it to post old photos of the sisters before their plastic surgery. However, the feud escalated, and the sisters allegedly met Carolina at a restaurant to confront her about the pre-surgery photos. The three began to argue, and Carolina was then taken in the sisters car, electrocuted, had her hair cut, and was photographed in the nude. The sister models then posted the embarrassing photos to Carolina’s social media accounts after confiscating her phone and forcing her to give them her passwords.

After humiliating the rival model, the sisters allegedly dumped Carolina on the side of the road naked. Following the incident, Carolina went to the police and said she was abused and tortured at the hands of the women. She says her head was completely shaved and that she was kidnapped, electrocuted, and abused at the hands of the women. She also claims that the women told her that they know important people and that they would not serve any jail time for the kidnapping or abuse. They also told Carolina to watch herself, as they would throw acid on her face next time.

She says that though she recognizes she should not have posted the pre-plastic surgery photos of the women online, but she states that she didn’t post the photos to damage the woman as they were beautiful before surgery as well. However, she does note that she posted the pre-surgery photos in response to the sisters making hateful comments about her own looks and teeth.

“I made a mistake and I accept it. I posted some photos of them on social networking sites from the days before they had surgery, when they were natural. But I didn’t do it out of spite, I did it to show people their natural beauty and because of some very ugly comments they had made about my photos and my teeth.”

Yeimi denies Carolina’s account that they shaved her head and says that they did cut her hair but did not shave it. She claims that Carolina is trying to make the situation “look worse” by shaving her own head. She also says they never threatened to throw acid in the model’s face and say that Carolina went with them voluntarily, as they were formerly friends.

According to the Daily Mail, model Yeimi Rey was arrested while attempting to leave the area from the El Dorado Airport. Meanwhile, Yeimi’s sister Claudia is still at large, but an arrest warrant has been issued.

[Image via Facebook/Yeimi Rey]