Officers Arrested: Names Of 49 Georgia Officers And Prisoners Involved In FBI Sting Released

Leigh Egan

A total of 49 Georgia correctional officers arrested face more than seven different federal indictments after an FBI sting revealed the officers were reportedly charging prisoners in exchange for contraband items such as cellphones, drugs, and more.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that the FBI began an undercover crackdown two years ago in an effort to stop criminal activities within Georgia's prisons. Guards from 11 facilities across Georgia were arrested on various charges, ranging from accepting bribe money for drug transactions, drug trafficking, and contraband smuggling.

"It is truly troubling that so many corrections officers from across the state of Georgia could be so willing to sell their oaths, to sell their badges, for personal profit to benefit and protect purported drug transactions, drug dealers."

Since 2014, the DOC confiscated a total of 23,500 cellphones inside prisons. Most of the phones confiscated had internet options, making it easy for inmates to go online.

"The honest answer is we're not able to do thorough enough background checks because we have to hire people at such low salaries that its difficult to fill those vacancies."

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]