Piers Morgan Turns His Sights Towards Susan Sarandon And Travel Agents

Piers Morgan is not known for making friends. His opinions rankle even the most steadfast. Now, Susan Sarandon is up in arms over Piers Morgan’s comments about Sarandon’s choice of attire at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. USA Today reports that Morgan took to Twitter to call out Sarandon for what she was wearing, saying it was inappropriate for her presentation of the In Memoriam portion of the awards show.

His post resulted in the hashtag #cleavagegate, which has been widely followed. Of course, Sarandon came back at Piers Morgan with a throwback photo of herself in a lacy bra on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Piers Morgan responded with his own quip, but also made sure to let people know he wasn’t against cleavage, just inappropriate times to display it.

Piers Morgan has also recently attacked Hillary Clinton for her comments regarding a question she was asked on CNN earlier in February. Daily Mail reports that Clinton was asked why she accepted $675,000 for speaking engagements from Goldman Sachs during the time between when she was Secretary of State and when she announced she was running for president. Her answer left some people shocked.

“Well I don’t know… That’s what they offered. Every secretary of state that I know has done that. To be honest, I wasn’t… I wasn’t committed to running. I didn’t know whether I would or not.”

The moderator needed her to clarify that she didn’t actually know she would be running for president again. Her answer was, “I didn’t.”

And now it appears, with all this fun going on, that Piers Morgan is going on vacation. Radio Times reports that his co-host, Susanna Reid, was ready to celebrate when he made his announcement.

“I’m off to the sunnier climbs of Beverly Hills, palm trees, 80 degree heat…”

Reid’s response?

“How are we going to cope without you? Where’s the party poppers?”

Apparently, they are doing just fine without Piers Morgan.

As for Morgan, he has discovered around his vacation time just how greedy travel agents are; at least, how greedy he thinks they are. Express reports that prior to going on vacation, he interviewed Sean Tipton, the spokesperson for ABTA, the U.K.’s largest travel association. When Tipton suggested that holidays should be staggered by region to take the pressure off families, Piers Morgan spoke out on the idea. Travel agents have slammed him since, to which he replied for them to stop being so greedy.

“Stop being so d*** greedy & stop ripping off parents.”

The current controversy is the fact that it is against the law for parents to take children out of school to go on vacation when travel is cheaper, then they get gouged during school holidays. According to Frank Brehany, Consumer Director of Holiday Travel Watch, the problem lies in the law.

“I have been following the debate between the Travel Industry and Piers Morgan. I take the view that this debate has been exacerbated by the ill-thought out law that criminalises parents who take their children out of school term time, to go on holiday.”

[Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]