February 12, 2016
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Headed For A Split? And What Does Ed Norton Have To Do With It?

Although their marriage has lasted for a decade, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be headed for what would be the biggest breakup of 2016. It's no secret that the two have had their share of differences in the past. However, the couple's most recent woes center on Pitt's best friend, Ed Norton.

An inside source close to the situation told Radar Online that Jolie is not a fan of Norton and his relationship with her husband.

"Angelina has always thought Ed's a shallow underachiever who brings out the immature side of Brad," the insider explained. "And she's not impressed by [Norton's] wife."

Norton is currently married to Shauna Robertson, a Canadian producer. The exact reasons behind Jolie's distaste for Robertson are unknown, though it is clear that she wants nothing to do with anything related to Norton.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in January 2016. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in January 2016. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]That being said, Jolie is going to have to put up with Norton in the near future. Pitt, Norton and Tom Hanks are set to work together on an upcoming miniseries from HBO, which means Norton and Pitt are going to have plenty of opportunities to spend time together. Will this be enough motivation for the two to finally split up?

In addition to their new miniseries, Norton and Pitt are also thought to be working together on a sequel to the hit 1999 film Fight Club. In doing so, the two have spent a lot of time together as of late, which Jolie has not met with her approval.

"It's something Brad's tried to reason with her about over and over, but she's knocked him back time and again, saying these people aren't good enough for them," the source added. "Brad's at his wit's end — he's so tired of Angelina sabotaging his friendships. It's like she can't bear to ever see him happy."

Even if Angelina Jolie harbors bad feelings for Norton, is that enough for Pitt to end his long-running relationship with the Tomb Raider star? While it isn't known just how close their marriage is from ending, there may be more to the story than Jolie's beef with Norton. In fact, according to Hollywood Life, Pitt's friendship with Norton might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in 'Fight Club.' [Image via 20th Century Fox]
Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in 'Fight Club.' [Image via 20th Century Fox]In speaking to In Touch magazine, an insider recently revealed that Pitt and Jolie have been engaged in marital problems for the past year or so. This includes a number of serious fights that have caused Pitt to all but give up on his marriage to Jolie.

Hints of problems in their marriage, meanwhile, are nothing new. In fact, Jolie revealed to The Telegraph back in November that she and Pitt have had their share of fights over the years. "We have fights and problems like any other couple," she shared, adding that they've been able to work through things so far in their relationship.

With their marriage continuing to fall apart, there is a possibility that the two will announce a divorce as early as Valentine's Day. If such an announcement is made, the two are expected to keep their children from learning about their divorce from anyone besides themselves.

"Their alone time [has] dissolved into a tense negotiation over how they'll keep the family going after the divorce," the insider told the magazine. "[They] will each spend time with their kids, individually and collectively, just like they've done in the past."

Neither Pitt nor Jolie have addressed the rumors regarding a potential divorce. Considering both of their busy schedules, fans will likely not hear anything from them unless they release an official divorce announcement in the coming weeks.

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