Bernie Sanders Draws Major Crowd At EMU After The Mile-Long Line In Frigid Weather Shocked Even Supporters

Dawn Papple

Bernie Sanders drew a significant crowd in Michigan at an event held at Eastern Michigan University's Convocation Hall in Ypsilanti. The doors opened up for the Bernie Sanders event at 12:30 p.m. on Presidents Day, but Sanders' supporters headed out early and made a line that wrapped around the university's wide city blocks.

Tom Masuga took the following video, showing just how long the line was to get into Bernie's event. The video showed the Ypsilanti campus' waiting line at around noon on Monday. Masuga reported that the line was still growing and cars were still coming in when the video was taken.

The temperature was 25 degrees, Masuga said, though other media reports indicated an even more frigid wind chill. That didn't stop Bernie Sanders from packing Convocation Hall, despite giving Michigan very little warning that he'd be stopping in for a visit. Masuga said that the video of the crowd was the first thing he ever posted on YouTube, but he was so moved by the crowd that had lined up in the cold, he had to record it and share it online. A fellow YouTube user indicated that the line of people depicted in the video was over a kilometer long. A Click On Detroit report said that it would be conservative to estimate that the line ended up to be a mile long. It was probably in excess of a mile, according to that report.

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"I really did not know how ugly it was," Sanders said according to Fox News, which erroneously tallied the crowd total at only around 8,000 people. "If the local, if the state government cannot protect these children, the federal government better step up."

"Can you imagine being a mother, seeing your own baby's, your own child's intellectual development, deteriorate in front of your very eyes?" Sanders asked the crowd in Michigan, speaking of the permanent brain damage that many of the children in Flint will now have to live with. "That is happening all over that city."

Sanders said that Flint may be among the worst examples of the crumbling infrastructure, but that it's not the only example.

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"After Wall Street crashed the economy, they came begging to the United States Congress, they said 'yes, we were bad boys — bail us out,'And the middle class bailed them out. Now it is Wall Street's time to help the middle class."

"When we went to war in Iraq, the trillions we spent there, not a problem," Sanders said, expressing that the Federal government must step in and help rebuild the water system.

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