Pro-Choice Purdue University Staff Member Posts An ‘Offer To Rape’ Pro-Lifer’s Relatives, School Does Nothing

A pro-choice staff member at Purdue University is under fire after he “offers to rape” the family of a pro-life supporter. The staff member also has been very vocal about his disdain for the pro-life student organization Purdue Students for Life, taking to Facebook to call the group “vile, racist idiots.” Despite screenshots being captured of the staff member’s threats along with the university noting that “the speech was repugnant and inconsistent with Purdue values,” Purdue says that “at this time no personnel action is intended.” In other words, the university plans to do nothing about the pro-choice employee’s threats against a pro-life supporter’s family or for the directed verbal attacks on the student-led organization.

The Blaze reports that Purdue University employee Jamie Newman, a male dance accompanist and composer at the university’s Patti & Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts, has been investigated by the university after it was reported that the staff member had “offered to rape” a pro-life advocate’s family members. Newman is very vocal on social media about his pro-choice stance, and he took to Facebook to call out a pro-life campus organization led by students. The staff member called the students “vile, racist idiots” for their pro-life stance and told the students that “Purdue is wasting time trying to educate you.”

Jamie Newman Pro-Choice
Screenshot of the verbal assault the Purdue University staff member, Jamie Newman, thew at the Purdue Students for Life organization.

The full conversation was from the post below.

Following the exchange, Campus Reform pointed out that Jamie Newman was a staff member at the very university that the students attended. The Purdue Students for Life posted the article to their Facebook page, and Jamie Newman promptly chimed in that he “is famous.” However, after the article was posted and Newman responded, others began showcasing a stream of disturbing comments that seem to indicate that Newman had a history of trolling pro-life pages. In fact, one user pointed out that Newman, the Purdue University staff member, had once even offered to rape a pro-life supporter’s family in a bid to show them that they wouldn’t hold on to their pro-life stance if a loved one was raped and became pregnant. The comment was made on the website Live Action News but has subsequently been deleted. However, before it was deleted, a number of screenshots were taken of the startling conversation.

Purdue staff member offers to rape pro-life supporter's family
A screenshot of the now deleted comment made by Jamie Newman on the Live Action News article.

After being called out for the “offer to rape,” Newman said that “if you’d actually read the entire post, which of course you can’t, since the slimy worms at LiveActionNews took it down, you’d realize that I did not [sic] such thing.”

However, following Newman’s claims that “the entire post” paints a different picture of the exchange, others provided screenshots of more of the conversation which didn’t appear to help Newman’s case at all.

Purdue University Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman Purdue University

Jamie Newman Purdue

Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman
More screenshots of the alleged statements made by Jamie Newman on Live Action News. (Image via Life Action News)

In fact, the exchange seems pretty clear cut, with Newman stating that a pro-life advocate’s stance may change if a family member were raped. Therefore, he says that an experiment should be done on Tom, a pro-life supporter, to see if he would still be pro-life if a loved one was raped. Therefore, Jamie “offers to rape” Tom’s “wife/daughter/great grandmother, free of charge” to test his commitment to the cause.

Although Jamie says his comment was taken out of context, likely meaning he was joking and never would have raped Tom’s family, many say that a joke about rape is not something a Purdue staff member should find funny, and that joking about rape is not very pro-woman. Despite a number of complaints being filed about the comments to Purdue, the university says they have no plans to take action against the staff member for the comments despite noting that they are “despicable.”

“Purdue police have interviewed the staff member and numerous other witnesses and did not find sufficient evidence to take action, but will forward the investigatory records to the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor for review. As far as the university is concerned, the speech was repugnant and inconsistent with Purdue values. We don’t condone it, but at this time no personnel action is intended.”

What do you think about Purdue University’s response to the pro-choice staff member’s comments to pro-life students and the “offer to rape”? Should the staff member be disciplined for the comments, or is he simply practicing his right to free speech? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Facebook/ Purdue Students For Life]