Rob Kardashian Happy With Blac Chyna Despite What His Family Thinks

Rob Kardashian recently started a relationship with Blac Chyna, something his family is not happy about. Hollywood Life reports that he drove 1,400 miles to get to Austin, Texas and help Blac Chyna when she was arrested last Friday. A source revealed that he drove to get her, rather than flying, so they could stay under the radar and stay away from the prying eyes of the press and photographers.

“[Rob] explained [to his family that] his idea to pick [Blac] up was because he knew if she was going to get a plane back, there was a possibility she would be ambushed at the airport by paparazzi. They knew that if he drove over, they would be able to fly under the radar and it would be easier to evade photographers.”

A source also told Hollywood Life that family members tried to talk Rob out of going to pick up Blac Chyna.

“Khloe and Kris both tried to intervene with Rob rushing to Austin to pick up Blac. First, they thought it was a crazy journey to make. Then, they told him not to get involved because it’s her mess, and she should have to deal with the consequences.”

After Rob Kardashian had returned with Blac, Mirror reports he then took her to get her Future tattoo removed, a tattoo she got last year in honor of her boyfriend Future, who then said he was single and wasn’t dating Blac.

Apparently, Rob Kardashian is happy with his relationship, even if his family isn’t. He even posted a sweet photo on Instagram of him on a video call with her.

However, a source has revealed to People that despite the fact that Rob Kardashian seems to be very smitten, he is disappointed by Blac’s arrest.

“Rob would never admit it, but it seems he is a bit disappointed in Chyna’s arrest. It’s never good when you are in a new relationship and your partner has legal trouble. It seems Rob has this idea that his life with Chyna will be so much better than his old life. He is clearly making an effort to change his negative ways. The question right now is just if Chyna is able to continue to be a good influence on Rob.”

His family doesn’t think so. TMZ reports that the Kardashian family is concerned that his relationship with Blac Chyna has put Rob Kardashian on a slippery slope back to drug use. They are also concerned that he has stopped taking his diabetes medication. According to a source, who spoke with Radar Online, Rob Kardashian doesn’t care what his family thinks, particularly his sister Kylie.

“He honestly does not give a f*** what his sister Kylie thinks of his love life, or of the situation specifically. Rob has always had a special bond with Kendall out of the Jenner girls, but never really with Kylie. Honestly, Rob just thinks that Kylie is everything that is wrong with the Kardashian family right now. And the part that amuses him is that she is not even a Kardashian!”

International Business Times reports that in response to his actions, Khloe Kardashian has been posting cryptic remarks along with photos on Twitter aimed at Rob Kardashian, essentially telling him not to go against the wishes of his family.

People reported last month that Rob Kardashian is no longer welcome at Khloe’s house now that he is dating Blac. It’s hard to say how this will all turn out, but things are certainly rocky right now for Rob Kardashian.

[Composite image containing photos by Paul Zimmerman, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]