‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Full Of Happiness: Jeremy Bonds With Daughter

Teen Mom star Leah Messer has been more active on Twitter than ever before. It appears that this mother of three has a bit more time and energy to share updates with her fans compared to years ago. Last year, Leah admitted that she was stressed out and dealing with lots of anxiety, and she went to a rehabilitation center to find herself. Once she returned home, she was slapped with a custody battle, which caused her to briefly lose her twins throughout the week. But according to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Leah Messer is now thrilled to be a mother to three adorable children.

“Keep on keeping on! So glad it’s Friday. I can’t wait to celebrate my baby girls birthday tomorrow! #LoveLove,” Messer revealed on Twitter this week, hinting that her twins’ birthday is coming up shortly. But, she also shared some interesting quotes and replies that made it seem like she had something on her mind.

“The sad truth is so many people are in love and not together and so many people are together and not in love,” read a quote that she shared and when someone tweeted about doing a violent act for wasting time. She replied with, “Sometimes we feel like this tho. #ImNOTSerious Just kidding.”

Ali and Aleeah at their cheer competition earlier today ????

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Of course, Leah Messer could be referring to her own love life, as it seems to be making headlines these days. Apparently, Leah has been dating another man after splitting with Jeremy Calvert last year. They quickly divorced and he moved on. But Leah never really told anyone that she was dating someone new. She merely focused on her children, her health and being there for her third daughter, Adalynn.

While Messer is going crazy on Twitter with several updates, Jeremy Calvert posted a picture of himself with Adalynn years ago. And she has grown up fast in front of the Teen Mom cameras.

“She used to be the best cuddle buddy, now she beats ur ass when she’s asleep,” Jeremy wrote on Instagram while sharing the throwback picture of himself and Adalynn. And Leah Messer has revealed that she’s super happy that she and Jeremy can share the time, so Adalynn gets to see both of her parents.

According to Enstarz, Jeremy has already moved on with another woman. He has been dating someone named Brooke Wehr and things appear to be going well. They have shared many pictures of them together on social media. But, Jeremy didn’t film with Brooke last season, as he was still divorcing Leah. A report from Enstarz reveals that Calvert did talk about his relationship status on Teen Mom as he was divorcing Leah Messer.

She used to be the best cuddle buddy, now she beats ur ass when she's asleep

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“I’m a single motherf—er now,” Calvert told the friend in front of the MTV cameras, adding, “I’m not married. That’s a f––ing plus. It’s over, the papers are signed…it’s been f––ing hell. No more, f–– that. It’s peaceful, my house is f––ing home… I’ve been talking to another girl. She’s got her head on her shoulders. She has a job. She takes care of her kids on her own.”

In that same conversation, he reveals that he doesn’t regret having a child but he does regret having it with Leah Messer. Hopefully, they have worked things out, as they have to be civil for the sake of their daughter. Leah has often mentioned how Jeremy is so much better than Corey Simms when it comes to talking about custody arrangements and working things out.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s “happy” behavior on Twitter? Do you think Jeremy is making life easier on her these days, as they are no longer married?

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