Jenelle Evan’s Childhood Was Horrible, Her Mother Gives The Shocking Details

Jenelle is a single mother and she knows what it is like to struggle, but her mother, Barbara Evans, gives the horrible details of Jenelle’s childhood when her dad refused to help at a time when they had nothing.

In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Barbara Evans described in detail of what Jenelle’s childhood was like, and the way her dad, Robert Evans, treated the family.

Jenelle was 11-years-old the last time she saw her dad, Barbara explains.

“None of my kids have seen him since we moved to North Carolina [in 2004].”

However, even before Barbara and her kids moved away, Robert Evans lived in the same town as they did, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Barbara said that Robert stayed away and didn’t want or even try to spend time with his biological children.

“That was his own choice. His own choice was not to see his children.”

In the year 2000, while Barbara and her kids were living in Scranton, a fire destroyed their house. Having no home, Barbara and her three kids lived at the Marriott Residence Inn for six months. Even though Robert lived in the same town, Barbara alleges that he did not offer to help them in any way.

“My ex-husband did not offer my kids a pair of underwear, didn’t offer clothes, didn’t offer us dinner, didn’t offer us a place to stay. When we had that fire, and he didn’t offer my kids anything, not a meal, not a sandwich, not a crumb of food, or clothes, that says it all right there.”

It was then that Barbara claims that she never allowed Robert to enter their lives again. and she kicked him out of their lives for good.

“When there is a fire and nobody even acknowledged we were alive, it was like he could give a crap if we were dead or alive, then I said, ‘I don’t want nothing to do with you.’ What comes around goes around. It will all come back to him later on in life.”

Barbara went on to say, “Anybody can say what they say about me, but you know what, I raised my kids alone, and that’s how it is.”

Jenelle Evans wrote her first blog post, which she titled, “Daddy Issues” about her father, Robert, and the things she remembers about him. Apparently, people were asking her about her biological dad and she decided to address the issue in her blog. Jenelle admits that she doesnt remember much, except for the constant fighting between Barbara and Robert. She said her parents were always fighting and physically assaulting each other.

Among the turbulent times, Jenelle Evans remembers a variety of good and happy times spent with her daddy.

Jenelle relates that at one time, she and her father were very close and he could always make her smile. She remembers that he used to sing songs to her while they were traveling in the car, from artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. She confessed that her dad was a great singer and that he used to belong to a group with Chevy Chase.

Jenelle Evans was hurt when her parents divorced because she went from being able to see her dad every day and hear him sing, to the sounds of a quiet house or her mother yelling at her other two siblings.

Jenelle Evans remembers having visitation with her father after her parents divorced, but even that did not last long. Her mother met and married someone else, and that’s when Jenelle’s father dropped out of sight.

“The last time I saw my father I was expecting him to come pick all three of us up from the house,” Jenelle wrote in her blog. “My step-father was standing on the porch with us waiting, I honestly feel like my mother did this on purpose. A few minutes later I saw my own father drive past the house upon seeing my step-dad standing on the porch and he didn’t stop to pick us up for our visit. I was torn into pieces.”

Radar Online spoke with Robert Evans to get his version of what happened all those years ago. As in most stories, Robert claims that he is not to blame for abandoning his kids and not visiting Jenelle and her siblings. He said they were the ones who were supposed to contact him, but then never did. He said Jenelle and her brother and sister never tried to get in touch with him and he had no idea how to “get in touch with them.”

When Robert was asked if he would like to speak with Jenelle again, he said that he would, but the first step has to come from her.

“Yeah I would probably like to get in contact with her,” he says. “If she wants to get ahold of me, my number is in the phone book. She can call me anytime she wants.”

Jenelle Evans has plans to write a book where she promises to share more details about Robert Evans and her childhood. Jenelle plans to work hard, stay sober, and be with a good man who is not abusive, so her children will be proud of her and have a stable home life.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]