‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Is On The Road To Redemption, But Is It Enough?

This week, General Hospital has been chock full of drama, especially for Sam Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. These two women have had their lives turned upside down these past few months. While Sam’s life is getting better by the minute, Elizabeth’s life has totally come crashing down.

Many General Hospital fans were waiting for the moment when Elizabeth’s lies would catch up with her. They basically couldn’t wait to see her crash and burn. It looks like it has come to that point. As reported by Soap Opera Spy, Tuesday’s episode had Elizabeth finally come to realize that Jason and Sam still have their connection, and it is inevitable that they will get back together.

Not only that, but she also is dealing with the fact that little Jake was the one who was breaking windows and pretending that someone was out to get him in order to have his daddy come back to his family. He is now recovering after being hit by a car again, and Elizabeth is feeling pretty guilty for not seeing how much her son needed help before all this happened. Plus, her house was just destroyed by the explosion, and she has lost all her possessions as well. It has taken an emotional toll on Liz, and the drama continued during the rest of the week on General Hospital.

Is Rebecca Herbst leaving General Hospital? (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Smile Train)

After getting the whole truth from Sam that Jake did not cause her accident, Liz went back to her house to access the damage done. Not only did she realize that the damage to her house was a total loss, but she also finally realized that she caused a lot of damage in many people’s lives in Port Charles by not telling them that Jake Doe was really Jason months ago.

There are many devoted General Hospital fans out there who have taken sides between Sam and Elizabeth. Why are these two women always pitted against each other? It all comes down to their longtime rivalry with Jason Morgan. Sam ended up being his wife, while Liz wished she could be. Elizabeth saw her chance to be happy with him and grabbed it, but it has all backfired and now she has lost so much.


It may be that Elizabeth deserved to have Jason run far away from her and have everyone in Port Charles mad at her, but did she really deserve all that has happened in the past week? Having her son get hurt in yet another accident and losing her house seems to have put everything in perspective for her, so maybe it was the wake-up call that she needed to get her life back on track.

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Elizabeth confessed her lies to little Jake, so now maybe he can heal as well and realize that his parents are not getting back together. She also told Nikolas that she feels like she is being punished for all that she did. Even though Nik assured her that the fire and Jake’s accident was not her fault, she admitted that all of the things that led up to that point was.

One thing is for sure; actress Rebecca Herbst has done a phenomenal job on General Hospital. Even if a character is hated by fans, it means that the acting is right on cue and Elizabeth’s portrayal as the villain these past few months has made waves in the soap world.

Unfortunately, rumor has it that Herbst has hit a snag with her General Hospital contract. According to a report by Daytime Confidential, the soap actress and ABC are not seeing eye-to-eye on negotiating her contract, and that is bad news for GH and Elizabeth fans. Apparently, Days of Our Lives is extremely interested in Becky’s talents on their soap, but that would be a shame for GH to lose their well-loved actress.


There is also the potential for her character to have a brand new romance on General Hospital. Elizabeth just met Dr. Griffin Munro, who is the new doc that is treating Sonny Corinthos, and he is a cutie. He comforted her a little bit at the hospital on Thursday as she was upset about Jake and the loss of her house. So this may be a perfect time for Liz to have a new man in her life.

Will Elizabeth and Dr, Munro hook up? (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

What are your thoughts on Elizabeth’s confession and all that she has been through this week on General Hospital? Do you think she would be a good match with Dr. Munro?

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