When Is ‘The Bachelor Women Tell All’? Olivia Caridi, Leah Block, Lace Morris In The Hot Seat

The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins will hand out his final rose in a few week, but first, he will have to face the girls he dumped at the Women Tell All special. Fans can expect to see three of this season’s most talked-about contestants on the hot seat, including Olivia Caridi, Leah Block, Lace Morris, and the girl Ben sends home after the overnight dates.

Taping for the WTA usually takes place in Los Angeles a week before ABC airs the special on TV. Bachelor fans should check their Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram feeds during the weekend of February 26, one week before the March 7 air date.

Last season, Chris Soules’ ladies shared a number of pics while they were in L.A. filming, and this season will be no different — Ben’s girls love to make themselves known on social media!

Before fans get to watch the Women Tell All drama, the remaining girls will travel to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana (Episode 7, February 15). Then it is on to the hometown dates (Episode 8, February 22) in Ohio, Texas, California, and Oregon, and the overnight dates where Ben will decide who is final two girls are.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

Before the season finale airs on March 14, 26 out of the 28 girls who appeared on Season 20 will tape the WTA — that’s if everyone shows up. According to Reality Steve, Caila Quinn was one of the final three girls who made it to the overnight dates, but she was eliminated after spending the night with Ben in the Fantasy Suite.

Typically, the third place girl shows up at the Women Tell All to discuss her broken heart, and with rumors swirling that Caila could be the next Bachelorette, fans can expect to see her up in the hot seat with Chris Harrison if Steve turns out to be correct about her elimination.

Other girls who will be — or should be — in the hot seat are Olivia, Leah, and Lace. All three ladies got a little extra attention this season and not all of it was positive.

Lace had a bit too much to drink on the season premiere and ended up leaving the show on Episode 3. She wasn’t quite as controversial as the two other ladies, but host Chris Harrison seems to think she’s the perfect fit for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris extended Lace an offer to appear on BIP 3 during her appearance on Bachelor Live, and while she didn’t immediately say “yes,” there’s a very good chance she will be stirring up some drama in Paradise this summer.

Olivia kept everyone talking all season with her over-the-top confidence about becoming the next Mrs. Higgins. Her plan to get the final rose failed when Ben left her rose-less and alone on what appeared to be a deserted island after the Week 6 two-on-one date.

While many fans applauded Olivia’s departure, she made it clear on Twitter that she got a bad edit, tweeting to one fan that “It’s alllllwaaaaays someone” who is cast as the villain on the show.

The biggest villain of the season — Leah Block — only had one episode to show her true colors. During the Week 6 group date, a disgruntled Leah sat with Ben and proceeded to bash Lauren Bushnell. Minutes later, he expressed his concern to a shocked Lauren B., who tried to figure out who wanted to mess with her relationship with Ben.