Questions Arise About Odd Relationship Between Tori Spelling And Stepson

Dean McDermott has a son from his first marriage named Jack, and he has come to live with Dean and stepmom Tori Spelling. This might not seem odd, but Jack McDermott is 17, and the photos shared of the two look less like a stepmother and stepson and more like a couple. Considering the rumors of the state of the McDermott marriage, this seems like an unhealthy situation.

According to the Inquisitr, the relationship between Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott is in peril, as is their financial situation. There are rumors of cheating and an inability to pay bills. Spelling has been doing questionable things lately to make a few bucks, including going on a lie detector television show and selling out her former castmates from Beverly Hills 90210 and talking about sexual liaisons that took place in the early 1990s. Candy Spelling has also confirmed that she still pays her daughter’s credit card bills.

Fishwrapper is reporting that the relationship between Tori Spelling and her stepson Jack McDermott is plain creepy. She recently went on Kocktails with Khloe with Khloe Kardashian and discussed how she has another personality when she drinks. She also said that Jack McDermott, 17, is her best friend.

“We had some rough years and now it’s amazing and we have a good relationship and he’s like my best friend.”

Fishwrapper commented that the photos said “lover” more than they said “stepmom.” The photos, posted on Twitter and Instagram, elicited many comments.

“I think she likes her stepson more than a stepson lol,” one person commented, while another wrote, “WTF kind of pose is this? That’s your STEPSON? Looks like your LOVER!”

Gossip Cop slammed Tori Spelling for posting inappropriate photos of herself and a minor child in a suggestive pose. Although Tori Spelling is not above just posting these photos for attention, this time, it involves someone else’s child. And other full grown adults are calling Spelling out, as Dean McDermott seems to have little or no control over his family situation.

“My step son and I don’t pose for pictures like that. Very odd,” one person commented.

Fellow follower radtxtam, however, responded, “Katnegron, give her a freaking break! It’s not odd it’s love.”

Kateraski exclaimed,”Ewwwwww… this makes me uncomfortable. Not a good move & you should know better!!!!!” Noted shanybarrett, “It is innocent however very awkward looking…”

Phillieeagle pointed out, “This photo is making people uncomfortable because it’s a weird, sexy angle.”

“I have a stepson the same age and would NEVER!!! That’s creepy disgusting. Her facial expression is very inappropriate,” said kfl.88.

Xtine_81 commented, “I feel awkward looking at this and looks like I’m not the only one. Yikes. Just doesn’t work.”

One person even remarked that Jack looked like Spelling’s “lover.”

RadarOnline is reporting that it is unclear exactly how Jack McDermott came to live with Tori Spelling, but that Dean McDermott owed his ex Mary Jo Eustace over $45,000 in back child support for Jack, and Spelling was forced to pay it, as McDermott was unable.

“Now that Jack lives with them they aren’t sending his ex money anymore,” said the insider, who added that Spelling “is not happy with Dean” and none of their loved ones know “why she stays with him.”

McDermott is currently working but still cannot pay his bills, which begs the question: why would Mary Jo Eustace allow Jack McDermott to move in with Dean and Tori?

Do you think that Tori Spelling is behaving like a parent with Jack McDermott?

[Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images]