Mom Accuses One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Of Theft: But Not Like You Think

Just when you think that headlines about Louis Tomlinson cannot get any more ridiculous, along comes something to prove you wrong. One Direction star Louis has been at the centre of a wave of drama and controversy ever since the Sun announced last July that Tomlinson was to become a father. Many of Tomlinson’s fans have been suspicious of the way the whole baby story has been handled. What should have been one of the happiest events in Louis’ life has been built into one huge and very bizarre drama from beginning to end.

Louis fans have been left confused and bewildered by what has come to be a PR disaster for the One Direction star. Of course, much of the responsibility for the way the story of Tomlinson’s baby has been sensationalized lies with elements of the press who seem to be determined to destroy Louis’ reputation.

UK tabloid The Sun has been the chief architect of negative stories about Tomlinson. Dan Wootton’s now-infamous piece in October laid much of the responsibility for One Direction’s forthcoming hiatus at Louis’ door. Since then, Tomlinson has been subject of a virtually non-stop wave of negative reporting.

You might have thought that the birth of Louis’ son Freddie three weeks ago would have given at least a temporary respite from the negativity. It seems that this is not to be the case.

Earlier this week, we saw a raft of stories about how much Tomlinson was spending on a nursery for little Freddie. Estimates varied wildly across news outlets. Most claimed that Louis had spent a modest $5,000, while others claimed that Tomlinson was splashing out $1 million on a lavish designer nursery. Bear in mind that Louis and baby mama Briana Jungwirth are both in rented houses at present.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans believe that Louis silence about Briana’s pregnancy was a major factor in the way the story was sensationalized. You might have thought that, after Freddie’s birth, speculation would have died down, but sadly it seems that news about Louis’ son is not going to go away anytime soon.

We have even seen some news outlets, including the Daily Mail post Freddie Tomlinson’s birth certificate online. Many fans were suspicious of this and claimed that the certificate was either fake or obtained by nefarious means. In fact, baby Tomlinson’s birth certificate was obtained perfectly legally, as in California “informational” copies are freely available.

You may have thought that the posting of Louis’ sons birth certificate would have brought rumor, speculation, and sensationalized reporting about the matter to a close. Unfortunately, it appears that this will not be the case. Several regional newspapers in Devon, England, are claiming that Tomlinson has “stolen” his baby’s name from a woman living in the southern English county.

The Herald Express reports that Alice Murrell and partner Glynn O’Connell wanted to give their third child a unique name, so named him Freddie Reign. Apparently the couple are furious that Louis has given his son the same name.

“I wanted an original name for my boy, but now it’s the same name as the son of a superstar. My boy will now either be mocked, or have the same name as a million other children.”

I hate to break the news to Ms. Murrell, but Freddie is a pretty common name, certainly a long way from unique. With over seven billion people living on this rock of ours, it is a pretty safe bet that, no matter what Louis named his son, others would have the same name.

According to the Plymouth Herald, Alice did hope that Louis was having an amazing experience as a first-time parent.

“Having children is an amazing feeling and I’m sure Louis is experiencing that first hand. He’s picked a great name, I just wish it wasn’t the same as my son.

“I hope it’s not as popular as I imagine it could be, but I fear it will become huge.”

Of course Alice Murrell is not responsible for the way the headline writers framed their story about the coincidence of her son having the same first names as Freddie Tomlinson. The stories do however illustrate how Tomlinson is subject of sensationalized headlines on a daily basis.

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