‘Game Of Thrones’ Stills Show Missing Characters From Previous Seasons Returning

HBO shared episode stills from Season 6 of Game of Thrones. It was soon clear that characters that have been missing lately will make a return this year. One of the most important characters is Bran Stark, who was last seen meeting the three-eyed raven with Meera Reed.

This has been the season of Game of Thrones with the most questions. As Wall Street Journal reminds everyone, it is the first season the show has been in front of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Nobody knows what is to come next, and some of the storylines have changed so dramatically that nobody can even hazard a guess. George R.R. Martin had hoped to get the next book out before the April 24 premiere of Thrones, but failed after missing his end of year deadline.

While there has been one question on the minds of everyone since the Season 5 finale —is Jon Snow really dead? — there are plenty of others that people want to know for their individual favorite storylines. How will Daenerys handle the Dorthraki clan that found her? What will happen to Tyrion, Verys and the others without their queen? What is in store for Arya now that she has lost her sight?

The episode stills do not give too much away. They show that Sansa and Theon (now known as Reek) did make it out of their jump off the Winterfell walls alive. Whether they will remain alive and whether they have any injuries—it looks like Theon may have—are still questions that have remained unanswered.

Stills also show Jaime mourning for the loss of his daughter, who was poisoned by the Sand Snakes at the end of Season 5 Game of Thrones. There is a still of Jaime and Cersei (with her short hair) together, and it is possibly going to be a touching moment between the two. Hopefully, Jaime has learned from the last time they mourned over a child, and maybe the writers have learned not to show something too graphic. Fans were not impressed when they mourned over Joffrey and Jaime forced himself on Cersei.

Ramsey Bolton appears in the stills, along with Sam and Tilly and Melisandre. However, it is some stills of previously missing faces that have caught the attention of some. Bran Stark is making a reappearance, with his hair shorter. Presumably, Meera and Hodor will also make returns in Season 6. The characters were missing from the whole of Season 5, due to their storyline possibly being a little too boring. The showrunners chose to do a Star Wars-style progression, where Bran has learned to control some of his powers; rather than show his training. Showing the training of Luke Skywalker between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi would have been boring, and so would showing Bran’s training, The Independent reported.

Another character returning is Yara, who was last seen trying to save her brother from Winterfell. She soon realized the damage Ramsey had done and left him behind, telling her crew that Theon was no longer there to be saved. Some fans were not happy with her decision to leave him behind, but they understood considering the enemies she faced. It will be interesting to see how she deals with the decision to leave him and the state she saw Theon in, as well as what she will do next. Balon Greyjoy is also in one of the episode stills, possibly linking to Yara’s storyline.

One person missing that fans may have expected to see is Walder Frey. His expected appearance connects to suspicions that the Northern Lords will seek revenge for The Red Wedding; where Robb and Catelyn Stark lost their lives after the Boltons betrayed them to work with the Lannisters. There are theories that the Northern Lords will work together to remove the Boltons from Winterfell and place a Stark — possibly a resurrected Jon Snow — back in Winterfell.

There are still questions over Game of Thrones Season 6. The episode stills just give glimpses of what is to come from April 24.

[Featured photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]