Louis Tomlinson’s Assistant Breaks Baby Mama Link?

Louis Tomlinson and Oli “the Ginge” Wright are always together. Whether they’re taking a break from Briana Jungwirth’s labor ordeal to shop for sunglasses, jetting to the alps with Danielle Campbell to ski down mountains, clutching whiskies in clubs surrounded by rowdy Jungwirth companions, emerging from taxis, knocking back drinks, watching football games, or generally just hanging out and being best buds, it’s pretty obvious that Louis and his assistant are thick as thieves.

It’s time to take a closer look at Oli Wright, Louis Tomlinson’s closest confidant.

Oli Wright was Louis’ childhood friend and is now his assistant

Some fan accounts are very protective of Oli, who became Louis’ assistant about two years ago.

Louis calls him “Ginge”

While they were in the French Alps in January, an amazing clip surfaced where you can hear Louis Tomlinson calling red-haired Oli “Ginge.”

It sounds like it’s very busy on the slopes and Oli is waiting for a space to open up so he can hitch a lift up the mountain. Louis is keeping an eye on the situation, and you can hear him say something like “there’s a slot there, Ginge.”

Oli has his own devoted update accounts

Fans have even been known to give thanks for Louis Tomlinson, because without Louis, there would be no Oli Wright news.

Oli dated Briana’s cousin Ashley Clark

This was reported by Celebsnow. Apparently it was Louis’ baby mama Briana who introduced Ashley and Oli.

Oli and Ashley can be seen in the picture where Briana is gripping Louis’ abs. They sometimes get cropped out of this pic, but it’s definitely them in there.


Ashley has defended Oli from critics, calling him an “amazing human being.”

He traveled with Louis, Briana and Ashley to catch up with the “Steal My Girl” chimp

Not a rumor! There is photo evidence.

One Direction fans will get on Oli’s case if he drops the ball and fails to respond to Louis’ needs

This was best illustrated in 2014 in an Oli Wright mistaken-identity case.

The Independent reported on the experience of a man with the same name as Louis Tomlinson’ assistant, who was deluged with instructions to call Louis when fans mistook him for Tomlinson’s ginger-haired pal.

Ring louis tomlinson for us please. Ring louis tomlinson now

You should srsly call @Louis_Tomlinson ∫ Thanks hun

It went on and on and on.

At first I thought my Twitter feed had been hacked. I had never heard of “Noodles”, “Gemma is the Queen”, “Eighteen” or “Never leaving Justin” – just a few of the Twitter profiles telling me to call Louis.

All this happened after Louis tweeted: “If anyone knows a little ginger boy called Oli Wright. Please find him and tell him to ring me :)”

The non-1D Oli Wright reflects that “[One Direction] fans operate as a terrifying ‘collective’, ganging up in their hundreds of thousands on anyone who is perceived to ‘slight’ the boys.” He also notes that Directioners “are so obsessed with the boys that they will follow anyone linked with the band on Twitter. Harry Styles’ student sister has 2.3 million followers, while the band’s stylist, Lou Teasdale, has 1.3 million followers.”

Oliver Wright sounds relieved to have come out of his brush with the 1D collective alive and unscathed, which just goes to show how devoted fans are, and how much pressure there is on the “real” Oli Wright (Louis’ assistant) to keep his act together!

He might have broken up with Briana Jungwirth’s cousin Ashley recently

This is a rumor. Make of it what you will.

Oli had a relationship with the girl who owned the “The 1D Scene” update account

Another rumor. This is probably the “Larry” cohort’s second-favorite piece of Syco cover-up “evidence” (second only to that oft-cited link between Simon Cowell and The Sun). Evidence for Larry is quite thin on the ground, possibly because Cowell and co are just that devilishly good at covering things up… it depends who you ask.

In any case, poor Oli suffered some backlash when he found himself at the center of this scandal: a summary can be found on this Tumblr page. Apparently Oli’s girlfriend was rewarded for tweeting rubbish about One Direction and “toeing the [Syco] party line.”

Her red carpet access was no doubt a reward for toeing the party line for 1DHQ. the1Dscene is one of those management mouthpiece update accounts.

Some people even claimed that Oli and the 1D scene girl (whose name is said to be Tori) were both using each other.

(AP Photo / Abraham Caro Marin)