Walt Disney World, Disneyland Ticket Price Increases Likely Coming Soon As Universal Studios Raises Theirs

Ticket prices for the most popular theme parks in the world end up increasing every single year, and it looks as if 2016 is going to be no different. Universal Studios Orlando seems to have jumped the gun this year, as they’ve just announced increases and some changes to their ticket prices and structure. That being said, it’s likely only a matter of time until Walt Disney World and Disneyland end up doing the same.

A little over a year ago, Walt Disney World did their annual ticket price increase, which saw the cost of a day at Magic Kingdom go over $100. It’s believed that prices for one-day tickets to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will all likely hit the $100 mark as well.

Whispers are that prices will end up rising next week, but that is not definite yet.

When the ticket price increases happen for Disney, it’s only usually a matter of time until Universal Studios end up doing the same with their tickets. Well, it’s flip-flopped this year as Universal Studios Orlando has already raised their prices, according to WFTV.

universal studios orlando ticket price increase [Image via Universal Studios Media]For a one-day/one-park ticket to Universal Studios Orlando or Islands of Adventure, it’s now $105, which is a $3 increase over the old price. A park-to-park one-day ticket now costs $155 which is up from the previous price of $147.

Those wanting to use the Hogwarts Express train linking the two Harry Potter lands between the two parks will need a ticket that gives them entry to both parks. A one-day/one-park ticket will now allow access on the train attraction.

Not far away, Walt Disney World is expected to increase their ticket prices within the next week or two. Last year, word of the increase, and even some of the new ticket prices for Walt Disney World theme parks, leaked out about a month in advance. So far, there has been no hint at what the new prices will be in 2016.

epcot walt disney world universal studios ticket price increase 2016 [Image via Danny Cox]When the official price increase does come from Walt Disney World, there will be an official announcement, and it’s one that will likely also include Disneyland. If tickets don’t go up in price at the same time, Disneyland will likely follow suit shortly after.

Universal Studios Orlando still has a set price for every single day of the year, but they may soon end up adopting the same method that Universal Studios Hollywood has done.

As reported by the LA Times, the park in California has adopted tier pricing in anticipation of the huge crowds that are expected in April with the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This system will end up charging higher prices during peak times and lower prices during slower times of the year.

In the past year, Disney has sent out surveys to Annual Passholders and Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests asking their opinions on tiered pricing. Disney often does that with new ideas to see how their guests would feel about things before even trying them.

The theme park ticket price increases are nothing new, and many guests will likely be upset, but Disney also has a lot of new things coming to Orlando. In the next five or six years alone, new happenings include:

  • Pandora: Avatar-themed land opening in 2017
  • Disney Springs completion in 2016
  • Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Opening TBD
  • Star Wars-themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Opening TBD
  • Frozen Ever After” attraction and Anna & Elsa meet-and-greet at Epcot – Opening Spring 2016

SeaWorld Orlando has said that they have no intention of trying to keep up with the increasing ticket hikes of Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

Universal Studios Orlando’s ticket price increase has come about rather unexpectedly as they usually aren’t the first company to do so. Walt Disney World and Disneyland have not said anything about their ticket prices having a 2016 increase, but it is expected to happen soon.

[Image via Danny Cox]