Anne Hathaway Talks Wedding at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Anne Hathaway is having a pretty good year. This coming Friday the actress can be seen in the sexy role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and in January she will be seen in Les Miserables. However, she caught up with the Associated Press about her most anticipated role – a blushing bride.

During The Dark Knight Rises premiere, the actress admitted although she’s been engaged to Adam Shulman since November of 2011, she’s not at all prepared for her wedding.

“Weddings..girl, do you see what I’m dealing with right now,” the overwhelmed starlet said as cameras thrusted in Hathaway’s face at the premiere of the most anticipated film of the summer. “I have no time for wedding planning!” After getting advice from a journalist, Hathaway answered, “Get a wedding planner? OK I will take that one to heart. “

According to Star magazine sources have said that Hathaway and Shulman haven’t been the happiest couple while planning their upcoming nuptials. A source said, “Anne is used to getting whatever she wants so having to compromise with Adam’s family has not been easy. It’s caused a lot of tension in their relationship. She still hasn’t set a date yet.”

One thing she seems to have set is a wedding dress, which is said to be a designed by Valentino. The source revealed, “Anne’s bridesmaids will also be wearing Valentino as well. Anne is buying all the dresses, so everyone is excited.”

Do you think with her career on the rise if Anne Hathaway will walk down the aisle?