'Grey's Anatomy's' Owen Hunt Spoilers Revealed

Amy Feinstein

Grey's Anatomy is back from winter break, and that means fans are one step closer to finding out what is really going on between Dr. Owen Hunt and his feud with newcomer Dr. Nathan Riggs, and which one of them is maybe being unreasonable. The last we saw of these two, Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) was trying to physically remove the newcomer from Grey-Sloan, not realizing that Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) had been hired on staff. But now it looks like they are both here to stay, so what's next?

According to the Inquisitr, there is something that Dr. Owen Hunt is hiding, but it's still not clear what. It seems the two were in a war zone together, but Nathan Riggs seems to have done something that has enraged Hunt, and Owen doesn't seem to trust Nathan Riggs. It seems something must have happened in Afghanistan that put a serious wedge between the two doctors.

"I'm more interested in when I'm going to find out!" he joked.

Design & Trend is giving hints that that issues are all about Dr. Owen Hunt's sister, hinting that she had a relationship with Nathan Riggs in the past. Something happened between Owen's sister and Riggs that caused them to part ways.

"That's why Owen is in such a state over this. They were very tight," he said.

It is still unclear whether or not Owen's sister will be a new character in the show.

"Nothing definite about the fate. All we know is there was something in our past -- some collective shared event -- involving Owen's sister that was tragic for the both of them," he said.

"The honest answer is I don't know exactly. The way they write, we don't get the scripts until we shoot them, so as much as I nag them to know all of my backstory, they don't reveal any of that. We've shot a few episodes since the one that airs tonight. It hasn't focused too much on the details, all we know is there was something in our past — some collective shared event — involving Owen's sister that was tragic for the both of them."

"That's what I would assume. That definitely seems to be the assumption, but the details are very sparse at this point. They were clearly somehow connected through family and some relationship with the sister."

But is there any truth to the thought that Dr. Nathan Riggs will be the next love interest for Dr. Meredith Grey, and so he will be McKiwi?

"It's bumpy. It's rocky. Though Owen doesn't give too many details, we know that his resentment runs really deep. He does not paint Riggs as a sympathetic character at all. Based on her loyalty to Owen, Meredith chooses to side and be loyal to him. There's not a lot of love lost there, and that frustrates Riggs because he has a different perspective on the events and feels that he's been unjustly tarred."

What do you think is the conflict between Owen Hunt and Nathan Riggs on Grey's Anatomy?

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