Selena Gomez Responds To Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber’s Romance, ‘Happy’ To Hear Marriage Talk?

Selena Gomez’s former boyfriend has been making headlines for his comments about another woman, but according to reports, she’s “happy” about it. Years after their on-again, off-again romance came to an end, Selena Gomez is reportedly thrilled to hear of Justin Bieber’s comments about possibly marrying Hailey Baldwin in the new issue of GQ.

“[Selena Gomez] is so happy Justin is talking about Hailey in GQ and not her,” a source close to Selena Gomez told Hollywood Life on February 11.

According to the report, Bieber’s decision to speak of marrying Baldwin has Selena Gomez hoping people will finally “stop trying to get them back together.”

Since their relationship came to an end years ago, fans of Selena Gomez and Bieber have been hoping for a reunion, and are often overly excited when they are spotted together publicly, despite their relationship being strictly friendly at this point.

In addition to her hopes of “Jelena” fans moving on, Selena Gomez reportedly finds Bieber’s comments completely ridiculous because he used to also speak of marrying her.

“[Selena Gomez] thinks it’s pretty embarrassing that he’s talking about how he might marry Hailey one day because it’s the same game he used to play with her,” the source explained. “He always used to tell her that he was going to marry her, it was like this prize he dangled over her head to keep her around no matter how much crap he pulled. Now he’s doing the same thing with Hailey.”

After his relationship with Selena Gomez came to an end, Bieber dated a number of women, but most recently, he appears most likely to commit to Baldwin. In January, after Bieber stepped out a couple of times with reality star and mother-of-three, Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend took Baldwin to Anguilla to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with his family.

Although Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend seemed to go public with his romance with Baldwin with a New Year’s Eve kiss, things appeared to go south between them a short time afterwards, and Bieber stepped out with a couple of other women, including America’s Next Top Model contestant Jessica Serfaty and Shades of Blue actress Sarah Jeffery. Then, over the weekend, Bieber and Baldwin sparked rumors of a romance yet again when they were spotted together in San Diego, where they made a number of appearances at Super Bowl festivities.

According to the Hollywood Life report, Selena Gomez doesn’t seem too convinced of Bieber’s dedication to Baldwin, and reportedly hasn’t forgotten how he used to promise her an engagement ring as a way of apologizing for their “blow-up fights.”

Selena Gomez also spoke of her relationship with Bieber in a new interview, but only to say that she was totally done talking about Bieber — and their relationship.

“I’m so exhausted,” Selena Gomez explained of the relationship to W magazine. “I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.”

As Bieber’s relationship with Baldwin continues, Selena Gomez has dated a couple of guys as well, however, her latest romance has been with Samuel Krost, a close friend of model Gigi Hadid. Selena Gomez and Krost were first linked in November of last year, and after a couple of outings between Selena Gomez and Niall Horan, they were seen together again a number of times in January.

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