'Blade & Soul' Surpasses Two Million Players In The West, New Content And Valentine's Day Event Now Live

About three weeks after the launch of Blade & Soul in the west, the "Rising Waters" update, a Valentine's Day event, and new Hongmoon Store items are now available in the game. In addition to the new content, the action-oriented martial arts MMORPG has also reached over two million players in the region during that time, a respectable feat for the free-to-play game from NCSoft.

This week in Blade & Soul is a major one for players enjoying the game's Wuxia story, engaging combat, and impressive visuals. Now boasting over two million players in the west, developers of the game hope to keep those players entertained with new content, a seasonal event, and in-game store items. NCSoft announced the player milestone today in a press release alongside details of the "Rising Waters" update.


"Rising Waters" went live on February 9 and includes a number of activities including new dungeons, a solo dungeon experience, the addition of Hongmoon Levels, and the beginning of the PvP preseason. Most of this content is perfect for players at the level cap of 45. The new dungeons, for instance, are accessible after reaching the level cap and advancing the Blade & Soul narrative. A heroic encounter of Bloodshade Harbor is built for six players while the normal version can be completed with four people. The 24-player version of the dungeon is called Nightshade Harbor and is sure to challenge a coordinated team of allies.

Players can now also improve their characters with the addition of the Hongmoon Level system in Blade & Soul. Those players that are at the current level cap of 45 can complete a quest to start earning these levels. More skill points are earned through the system, providing players with more power. That power might be needed for players willing to test their mettle against the seven single-player floors of Mushin's Tower. With each floor more difficult than the one before it, players will have to truly master their class to earn the Tower's rewards. For the full update patch notes, check out the game's official site.

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Bloodshade Harbor in Blade & Soul [Image via NCSoft]Blade & Soul players will also notice a selection of new costumes in the Hongmoon Store. Players can purchase NCoin with real money to buy new costumes like the Scarlet Bird outfit or new outfits for the Summoner's cat companion. A number of weapon skins themed around candy and romance are also in the store right now in celebration of Valentine's Day. A couple of costumes are leaving the Hongmoon Store on February 12 with two new fiery red costumes on the same day.

Those new costumes are also coming to the game as part of the Valentine's Day festivities in Blade & Soul. Players can complete quests now to collect roses used to transmute a new gem that will recover the players' health over time after evading. Red roses are earned from daily quests while white roses can be earned through dynamic quests. For more details on this event, please visit the official site for more information.

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The 24-player Nightshade Harbor [Image via NCSoft]The two million player milestone comes as no surprise considering that Blade & Soul reached over one million players in about one week after release. The martial arts MMORPG was met with heavy traffic the moment it opened. In fact, as the Inquisitr reported, new servers were needed and approved just one day after the game's launch. Blade & Soul launched in the west on January 19 with 10 North American servers and 12 European servers. By January 22, the game offered 32 servers to region just to meet player demand.

Blade & Soul is a free-to-play title from NCSoft and Team Bloodlust. Players can download the game and start playing immediately with no purchase; however, an in-game store and optional Premium Membership are available to players that wish to spend money on the game. As previously mentioned, items like outfits, accessories, and event bundles can be purchased in the store for real money. The Premium Membership, on the other hand, is a subscription that provides passive boosts like bonus experience. Any time a player spends money on Blade & Soul points are earned toward making the Premium Membership even better.

[Image via NCSoft]