Valentine’s Day Restaurant Deals And Gift Ideas And Experiences That Will Please Any Sweetheart

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, for those who haven’t found the perfect gifts for their sweethearts, it may be a stressful time. There is still time to get some great last minute weekend getaways, as well as some sweet deals on restaurants, and some free deals too. Great gifts are still available for those who are seeking to put a special twist on Valentine’s Day.

Time reported that there were quite a few Valentine’s Day deals, freebies and special offers available for love birds this year. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offer a free coffee for those who make a purchase of equal or greater value. Hooters is offering free wings for those who buy 10 wings. For those who post a message on Mimi’s Cafe, they can receive a free entree on their next visit.

Other offers include a complete meal for one low price through White Castle, and it includes a table cloth, table service, mood lighting and heart shaped balloons. Love to have a romantic bottle of wine? TGI Fridays offers them for half price.

CNN reported that there are still some great getaways for those who want to enjoy a last minute Valentine’s Day trip. For the truly romantic, a trip to Italy might be the answer. The luxury Palazzo Victoria offers the ultimate bubble bath experience with Prosecco, Spumante or Champagne. Khajurao, India, offers the ultimate experience with a trip to the Madhya Pradesh state with its beautiful temples that date back to 950 AD. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand offers 60 acres where couples can stroll quietly together, and the Chiang Mai Flower Festival takes place right before Valentine’s Day.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, being single is no barrier to having a great Valentine’s Day. It can be a great day for pampering or just getting together with friends and family. Women are more likely to struggle with being single on the holiday, so it’s a good idea to think about doing something rather than spending the holiday doing nothing. Make it a point not to ignore the holiday. It is still an opportunity to have meaningful experiences. Reconnecting with loved ones by writing to them can be very satisfying.

Time also reported that there were still some great gifts available for Valentine’s Day for those who want to pick up a last minute gift that isn’t cheesy. Thinking outside the box is one of the best ways to avoid getting stuck. One way to make the holiday special is to consider having a party. This idea works especially well if the relationship is somewhat new because it takes the pressure off the holiday.

For those ladies who are single, Galentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate the women in your life. It comes from Susan Poehler’s character in Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, and it is a chance to turn a day devoted to relationships into a day of friendship. Another activity for those who are single is to consider volunteering. Volunteer work is a chance to get outside yourself and do something nice for someone else.

Want a twist on a typical activity for lovers, the traditional breakfast in bed? Then make your Valentine’s Day special by having breakfast in bed for dinner. Cook breakfast for dinner and then have it in bed.

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