Virgil Smith, State Senator Charged With Felony Assault, Will Resign As Part Of Plea Deal

State senator Virgil Smith will reportedly resign from his political position as part of a plea deal arrangement confirmed Thursday.

According to the Detroit News, Smith's attorney Godfrey Dillard confirmed the news of Virgil's resignation during the final hearing in the case against his client.

The 36-year-old state senator was charged with assaulting his ex-wife, Anistia Thomas, last May during a violent confrontation. Multiple reports confirm that the fight started shortly after she found a naked woman lying in his bed.

Virgil Smith
(AP Photo/David Eggert)

According to Thomas' statement, she went to Virgil's bedroom window when she "noticed that it was open." Referring to the state senator by his middle name "Kai," she further explained that she saw Tatiana Smith in Virgil's bed and asked her if she and Virgil were sleeping together. Even though she said "No," the confrontation apparently started moments after Anistia Thomas pulled back the bed sheets and saw that Tatiana was naked.

Anistia further explained what took place between her and Virgil after she discovered Tatiana's naked body.

"At that point, Kai grabbed me.... He pulls on me... We wrestle... He punches me in the face a few times. After falling into the TV, he rams my head into the floor. After that, he puts his right arm into the back of my neck. It basically stopped my breathing at that point. He said he'd let me up if I leave. He kept punching me throughout my body. I stumble up trying to leave... He literally rams my head into the wall. My face hit the wall... Then he takes my arms again... He continues to force me, and beats me down the hallway."
Anistia claimed that the attack did not stop there. According to her statement, Virgil Smith then opened the screen door and pushed her out. After she fell over the railing, her face allegedly hit the concrete. That was when she tried to "pick up a wicker chair and throw it."

However, she claims that Virgil came through the side door "holding a big gun in the air" before he allegedly started "shooting in the air" and eventually turned the firearm towards Anistia and started shooting at her as well. The Detroit News reports that Smith also shot his ex-wife's Mercedes-Benz with the firearm.

Virgil Smith
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Virgil Smith was charged with malicious destruction of personal property valued $20,000 or more, assault and battery, felonious assault, and a felony firearm charge.

As mentioned above, the final hearing of his case was held on Thursday. Earlier reports said that the trial was scheduled to start early next month. However, recent reports confirm that the approval and acceptance of the plea deal will change that. Smith would have to resign from his position as state senator and plead guilty to the charge of malicious destruction of property. The assault, weapons, and domestic violence charges were all dropped as part of the plea deal as well.

Virgil Smith will reportedly have to serve 10 months in jail without the possibility of an early release if the deal is approved. His sentencing is currently scheduled for March 14 at 2 p.m. Smith's attorney claims that Virgil "has issues with the legislature that he needs to take care of before he begins to serve his time."

Without the plea deal on the table, Virgil Smith could have faced a lot more time behind bars if he was convicted of all of the charges. However, according to the Detroit News, a conviction would not require Virgil Smith to be removed from office. Virgil Smith's colleagues would still have the opportunity to remove politicians and other officials that have breached the public's trust in them.

[Image Credit: Carlos Osorio/AP Photo]