‘Zoolander 2’ Actress Penelope Cruz Offended By Savannah Guthrie’s ‘Ugly Feet’ Remark

Penelope Cruz has been making the rounds to promote Zoolander 2, in which she plays a character named Valentina, but not all of her interviews were as simple as she might have thought for the Ben Stiller comedy. Take her interview on Today, for instance. For some reason, host Savannah Guthrie ventured to discuss Cruz’s feet, and she did so in such a manner that set Penelope aback in shock, but the Today host quickly recovered the discussion, making the conversation only less awkward than it might have been, otherwise.

Elsewhere, Penelope was a barrel of laughs as she joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon in a Dubsmash presentation, though the routine seemed to have little to do with Cruz’s role in Zoolander 2.

Today Host Savannah Guthrie Reminds Penelope Cruz That She Has Ugly Feet

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Penelope seemed in good spirits and appeared to be enjoying the time she was spending on Today, until, towards the end of the interview, host Savannah Guthrie broached a subject that instantly changed the feel of the interview. With a single comment, Guthrie created an awkward situation for Cruz and for herself when she suggested that Penelope had once said that she had ugly feet.

“No, no, no, no! I haven’t said that. I’m okay, I’m okay with my feet. I haven’t said that,” the Zoolander 2 actress insisted.

Moments later, as though she had been trying to recall how the Today host might have come to such a conclusion, Cruz said that she might have been referring to her experience with ballet.

“When you’re a ballet dancer, you lose your toenails. You get used to throwing them away. You don’t even feel it anymore.”

It was then that Savannah created an equally awkward situation by jumping to the other end of the spectrum by gushing over Penelope’s feet. The Today host seemed to be trying to make up for her earlier faux pas by telling Ms. Cruz that she thought she had pretty feet.

“No, I don’t know if they’re pretty. I think they’re normal.”

While the conversation may have developed into an all out feud, Penelope Cruz’s good natured sense of humor helped her to keep things in proper perspective. In fact, proof that she was unaffected by the conversation over her feet came as the Zoolander 2 actress appeared on the Tonight Show wearing a pair of open-toed pumps.

Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon Invites Guest Penelope Cruz To Participate In A Round Of Dubsmash

Jimmy Fallon set it all up, knowing that his Zoolander 2 guest already had a history with the Dubsmash app, which allows users to create short selfie videos with dubbed voices and sound effects. As Fallon brought up the subject, he presented Cruz with her own Dubsmash video and asked her to explain the clip for Tonight Show audiences.

Penelope laughed, as she was compelled to watch her own video.

“I was in Rome shooting Zoolander, one of those times when you’re waiting around for two hours, and I think I did 100 of those!”

Afterwards, Jimmy asked his guest if she would be willing to do a Dubsmash clip with him. Ms. Cruz responded that she would love to participate, even before she learned that Fallon wasn’t going to tell her what role she would be playing ahead of time. Instead, she was just handed a blonde wig, as Jimmy flopped a beret over his own head.

Once the act started, Penelope Cruz found herself acting out an adorable Frozen moment with the Tonight Show‘s host.

Zoolander 2, which stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Penélope Cruz, will open in theaters on February 12.

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