Jenelle Evans At War With Barbara Evans Over Jace, 'Teen Mom 2' Star Claims Mom Won't Give Her Son Back

Jenelle Evans has been up and down with her mom, Barbara Evans, for years. The two have always had their differences, but Barbara stepped in to raise Jenelle's son when she couldn't. Since starting their journey on 16 & Pregnant, fans have watched the Evans women battle it out on more than one occasion. Jenelle Evans went on to join Teen Mom 2, and her ups and downs were shown to the world. Barbara Evans has remained the guardian of Jace, but Jenelle is ready to have her son back. It looks like the mother and daughter duo are at war this time, and it doesn't look like it will end anytime soon.

Right now, Jenelle Evans has a lot going on in her life. She is battling her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, over larceny charges, and his time with their son, Kaiser. On top of the baby daddy drama, Evans is facing some pretty serious health issues. In fact, she has been broadcasting her struggles all over social media. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans blasted Barbara Evans on her blog. Instead of focusing on fixing what is wrong in her life with her health and other child, Evans is determined to get Jace back from her mother. Barbara Evans has been the only true mother figure the little boy has known, and the transition will be difficult.

Last season on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans was working toward regaining custody of Jace. Nathan Griffith was still in the picture, and Evans believed things were going well. In the blog post, she mentions how things are perfect in her dating life now. While that may be true, Barbara Evans has heard that before, especially with Griffith. Evans accuses her mother of wanting to keep Jace for herself, though many fans aren't seeing it that way. The uproar about the way Evans treats Barbara has been a hot topic throughout the various seasons of Teen Mom 2. At 24-years-old, Evans still doesn't have it all together.

Moving back to North Carolina was the first step Jenelle Evans took toward getting custody of Jace back. Evans believes that since her life has been going good for a while, she is able to care for both of her children. According to Starpulse, Jenelle Evans is excited to share her life on the new season of Teen Mom 2. Evans is convinced that part of the issue with Barbara Evans is that she is upset because Jenelle won't film with her. There was an altercation a few weeks ago between Jenelle's boyfriend and mother, which got Barbara escorted off the property by the police. That conflict probably didn't help Evans with her mother.

It will be interesting to see how Jenelle Evans plans to fight her mom for Jace. They have tried before, and the custody arrangement has yet to change. With the amount of arrests under Evans' belt, the judge will likely not take his ruling lightly. In just under five years, Evans has been arrested 13 times. Much of it has been domestic and drug-related, which is cause for concern. Sobriety has not been an issue, but Evans' temper has and continues to be out of control. While there have been significant improvements made in her life, many believe that Jenelle Evans is not fit to have Jace. On the other hand, Evans is solely responsible for her son with Nathan Griffith. Jenelle Evans has been raising Kaiser on her own since the beginning, with or without help from Griffith. It has been several weeks since he has seen his son, and yet Jenelle Evans is managing it without any issues.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]