Pitbull Exiled: Rapper Headed To Kodiak, Alaska Thanks To Internet Pranksters

In a cross-promotion with Walmart, Pitbull decided that he would visit the mega-store in what ever location received the most likes on Facebook. Well, the internet decided it would be funny to send the rapper to the most remote Walmart in the world in Kodiak, Alaska.

According to Mashable, the Kodiak location has received over 70,000 likes since the beginning of the promotion and is now the clear winner of the campaign. And Pitbull isn’t backing out of the deal.

He’s got his bags packed and will soon be making the trip to the small Alaska town.

Pitbull said:

“I heard that a place called Kodiak, Alaska, has the most Facebook likes due to someone who thinks that they were playing a prank. Well, you’ve got to understand that I’ll go anywhere in the world for my fans.”

The rapper, however, is hoping to bring along some company. And since David Thorpe started the whole “exile pitbull” campaign, Pitbull thought that the Something Awful writer would make a great travel companion.

Pitbull wrote on Twitter:

And it looks like Thorpe has accepted the invitation.

It also looks like Thorpe is a little worried about being murdered by Pitbull in the Alaska wilderness.