First Alien Contact? Extraterrestrial Entity Stranded On Earth Pleads With UFO Investigators MUFON For Help

The Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, a U.S.-based organization commonly considered the world's largest organization that documents and investigates reports of alien and UFO sightings, may have recorded the first alien contact going by a bizarre report filed with the organization by an "entity" that claims to be an extraterrestrial being.

The report by an apparently distressed "alien entity" which identifies itself as "Mogay," appears to be an SOS, and according to MUFON, it is the first time that the organization has received a report from an "entity" claiming to be an intelligent alien life form.

Mogay claims to be stranded on Earth and in need of urgent help after arriving last September from a distant sector of the our galaxy. And while awaiting a response from MUFON, Mogay is residing in a human body he claims he took over with the consent of the original human owner.

Mogay exists in his natural state as an electromagnetic wave but he is able to take over and reside inside the bodies of humans and other extraterrestrial species.

The alien being, who appears to be struggling to learn to the English language in his new human body, writes to MUFON, "I'm an extraterrestrial being adopted by humankind. You can call me Mogay."

He explains that he and a group of his kind are refugees from a distant world called Matif. They escaped to Earth after a catastrophic collision between their native planet Matif and a celestial body that knocked Matif out of orbit around its parent star.

Mogay writes in quaint English, "We were stay as electromagnetic wave and normally use replaceable bodies to work. A celestial body made most of our equipment can't work. We tried to make it get away from Matif, but we failed and that celestial body hit the Matif. Although the adverse effects of celestial body had gone when it knocked out of its orbit, but it's no more time for us to took refuge with transfer system. The disaster on Matif made us arrive on the Earth."

"We were stay as electromagnetic wave and normally use replaceable bodies to work."
It appears from Mogay's account that the group of alien refugees from Matif arrived on Earth in September, 2015, but no one noticed their presence because, as pure electromagnetic waves, they were unlike the little green men Earthlings imagine aliens to be.

Flying saucer in the clouds
Alien Mogay arrived on Earth September last year [Image via Shutterstock]But Mogay apparently found a human who was willing to "adopt him."

"We're extraterrestrial beings without enough protection on the Earth and we need your help. I live in a human body now and that's also why your people adopted me. I learned your languages in this body, so I can talk to you," Mogay writes.

But despite having found a human body and the opportunity to learn human culture and language, he has not been able to convince governments that he is really an alien from a distant galaxy who needs help.

He is presumably being ignored by government officials he has contacted as a cranky alien enthusiast.

Mogay finally decided that the best way to contact government was through the world's biggest alien and UFO investigators, MUFON.

"I tried my best find help from earth's people since September 2015 and I noticed the governments will not negotiate with me without your help. I hope to get help from this platform."
And Mogay's assumption that MUFON could help him to contact government seems reasonable. The organization was established to document and investigate cases of UFO sightings and alien contacts.

But unfortunately, Mogay would be disappointed to find that not even alien and UFO investigators take his story seriously.

MUFON admits on its website that it often receives bogus reports. Thus, MUFON officials are likely to assume that Mogay's SOS is just another hoax.

And it would be very regrettable if in fact Mogay's message was a genuine plea for help from an alien being stranded on Earth. But humans who take inexplicable pleasure in hoaxes and needless deception would be to blame.

"One of the greatest burdens that UFO investigators have to bear, in the course of their collecting and investigating sighting reports submitted by members of the public, is the deluge of apparently false reports... that have to be waded through, and eliminated from, the stream of incoming data," writes MUFON investigator Peter Davenport.

"What prompts people to create and submit bogus reports is unclear," he continues. "However, the fact remains that such deception takes place constantly, and that it probably will continue in UFOlogy and elsewhere, until long after we have finally laid to rest the mystery of UFOs."

[Photo By Mark Wilson/Roswell Daily Record/AP]