Rob Gronkowski's Girlfriend Camille Kostek Reveals Deep Cleavage, Cheetah-Print Bikini On Kangaroo Island

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek is a rising star in the modeling industry, famous for her natural girl next door beauty as well as for her relationship with beau Rob Gronkowski. Now, in her most recent share to popular social media platform Instagram, she is showing off her natural assets to her legions of admirers.

In the brief bit of footage on offer, Camille can be seen strolling along a beautiful beach-side. The sound of the surf crashing against the coastline of Australia's Kangaroo Island can be heard dominating the background of her clip. Since Camille is taking the video herself -- presumably from her phone -- the frame is close-cropped about her face, highlighting her very cute freckles and her beautiful blue-green eyes.

After speaking a bit about her current shoot, mentioning that she is modeling both a one-piece bikini as well as a two-piece ensemble, Camille pans the camera down to show off a cheetah-print swimsuit -- and a great deal of cleavage. It's clear that the American model is extremely excited about having the opportunity to work with Sports Illustrated, and her cheerful and energetic demeanor work in tandem with her paradisal surroundings to create a positive, laid-back atmosphere.

Captioning the brief bit of video footage with an acknowledgment both of her joy as well as the fact that she kept the frame tight to avoid giving away more than a glimpse of her outfit, Camille Kostek was certainly in a bright and sunny mood. It seems that her fans and followers were most appreciative of the captivating clip, offering up over 13,000 likes in addition to 160-plus comments in relatively short order.

One user wrote, "I like your natural look," followed by a string of smiling emoji. A second user quipped, "Such a babe, and your happiness is infectious!"

The blonde bombshell made headlines most recently for her undyingly loyal defense of her man, New England Patriots tight end Gronkowski. When the Patriots lost a very tight game to the Miami Dolphins just before Christmas, per PatriotsWire, coach Bill Belichick drew a great deal of fire for swapping the larger Gronkowski in to play some defense instead of a slightly more nimble Devin McCourty.

After Gronkowski was ghosted by the ball-carrier in midfield -- a play that would cost the Patriots the game -- "Gronk" was called out by fans, as well. Despite this, though, Camille Kostek defended her boyfriend -- saying that he'll succeed in any role they place him in.

"I mean, look what he does as a tight end... He doesn't just catch the ball and get in the end zone. He's blocking, he does it all. So, yeah, I think I can see him doing it again... I don't play football, I don't make the rules — I support whatever he does. So if he needs to be put at defense again, I say, 'Go for it, baby.'"