Paris Jackson Going On Peaks And Valleys Since Dad Michael’s Death 7 Years Ago

Paris Jackson finds herself going on peaks and valleys seven years after her father's death. Michael Jackson's only daughter, now 17, is entrenched in a semi-adult relationship with soccer player Chester Castellaw, 18, whom she jealously guards, while talk of alcohol, which has helped her weather emotional turbulence, causes foreboding among followers.

On Saturday, February 6, 2016, at 2 p.m., Paris Jackson hinted that the going was getting rough, when she posted the following tweet.

"This is f#*king ridiculous. i am expected to literally sit on my a## all day replying to comments people leave me (positive and negative)? i have aa meetings to go to. family obligations. PERSONAL obligations. its so f#*king selfish that i am literally attacked on every f#*king thing i post just because people that i DONT EVEN KNOW aren't getting what they want. I don't know any of you. I appreciate the love and support, but the expectations are f#*king ridiculous. the expectations for my DAD were f#*king ridiculous. he didn't owe you anything, yet he was ripped to shreds DAILY. i will not let that happen to me."

Paris Jackson takes on life
Paris Jackson sees a life of agony and ecstasy [Photo via Facebook]According to ABC News, Paris Jackson, born Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson to parents Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, is showing signs of a struggle with alcoholism. The only daughter of the late pop star, known for his silver-sequined white glove, started going after fans for unrealistic expectations on Instagram, letting slip her A.A. involvement.

Less than a year has passed since Paris Jackson became intimate with Chester Castellaw, as she was going on her seventeenth birthday, April 3, 2015. Rumors followed sightings of them together, beginning in March when they were spotted on a hike in Los Angeles. By April 17, Castellaw was posting pictures and videos of them declaring love for each other on his Facebook page.

With Paris Jackson standing five feet, nine inches tall, and Chester Castellaw going just an inch taller at five-foot-ten, the two share other compatibilities favored by the Jackson family. T.J. Jackson, nephew of the late Michael Jackson and acting co-guardian with Paris' grandmother, shared this opinion.

"I approve of him. No one's perfect, but he's a good boy, so I approve of him … He treats her well. She's happy."
According to International Business Times, Paris Jackson looked ecstatic when she was spotted going hand-in-hand with her boyfriend to the Goal Sports Café in West Hollywood on Friday, October 2, 2015. They were attending the launch party and screening of her cousins' new docuseries, The Jacksons: Next Generation. Also present were her brothers Blanket, 13, and Prince, 18, along with friends and family members.

Paris' emotional high at Goal Sports Café was in stark contrast to her emotional low going back two years to the night of her suicide attempt on June 6, 2013, after some bullying at school over a media exposé of the late Michael Jackson's dalliances with boys and his obsession with child porn. An ambulance dispatched by 911 took her to a hospital for stitching before she was placed under psychiatric watch for 72 hours.

She'd written a note and phoned a suicide hotline before inflicting cuts on her right wrist and swallowing Motrin pills. The contents of her note were never revealed, but on the night of her suicide attempt, she had the following tweet going.

"I wonder why tears are salty?... yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay."
In a YouTube video, Paris' grandmother, Katherine Jackson, spoke to Australia's 60 Minutes months after the suicide attempt, of trauma from rock legend Michael's passing. Katherine said her granddaughter was going on about not wanting to live.

"When Michael died, Paris was screaming and crying and saying 'I want to go with you, Daddy. I don't want to live without you.' "

Paris, Prince, and Blanket not only suffered through Michael Jackson's death in 2009, but also bore the brunt of his going under questionable circumstances.

At the time of Paris' new-found love in the spring of 2015, she seemed to be acquiring a fresh outlook on things. The Paris Jackson Fan Group Facebook page bore a message by her going ballistic on herself.

"Stop with the hate. You're blessed to be on this freaking planet. So be grateful that you're alive."
Chester and Paris
Chester Castellaw smooching with "crazy jealous" Paris Jackson [Photo via Facebook]Later came a video that a psychologist pronounced "definitely not healthy" because it showed Paris Jackson grabbing Castellaw by the face and going "crazy" with jealous talk. The clip appeared on Life & Style.
"This is my baby, if you flirt with him, touch him, talk to him, think about him, or even look at him, I will slit your throat!"
Paris Jackson's latest online tirade seems to indicate her mood going downhill for the time being.

[Photo via Facebook]