‘She Deserved It’: Man Films Partner Walking Naked Through Freezing NYC Streets As Punishment, Says He Regrets Nothing

Jason Melo, 24, forced his girlfriend to walk naked through freezing New York City streets as “punishment” for finding out the woman had spoken to other men. To further the shame, Melo followed the woman and threw insults at her as he filmed the entire incident and posted it to his social media accounts. After posting the video online, Melo’s girlfriend claimed that in addition to making her walk naked through the freezing streets, the boyfriend also choked and hit her in front of their newborn daughter. Since the video surfaced, Melo has been arrested on charges of assault and endangering a child. However, when asked in court if he regretted his decision to force his girlfriend to walk in the streets naked, Melo said “she deserved it” and that “she shouldn’t have done what she did.”

The Daily Mail reports that 24-year-old Jason Melo is facing charges of assault and child endangerment after he allegedly forced his girlfriend and the mother of his child to walk in the freezing streets of New York wearing nothing but a pair of boots. The naked woman was filmed by her boyfriend as he insulted her and called her a tart for speaking to other men on the phone.

In the video, the woman begins by entering the streets with her filming boyfriend wearing a white towel. However, after the pair get outside, the man tells her to take off the towel and “pay the price for the shame I feel” after the man alleges that the woman was speaking to other men on the phone and suggested she sent nude photos to the men. However, the woman said that was untrue and that she spoke to men, but that she wasn’t attempting to have sex with them. Despite her pleas, the man pulls the towel from her body, and the women tries to hide between parked cars and eventually grabs a motorcycle cover to place over her body.

Melo posted the video to his social media accounts. However, the video of the shaming of his girlfriend wasn’t the only disturbing video posted by the man. Following the incident, Melo posted a strange video that showed the moment he called police to turn himself in on the charges of assault and endangering a child. In the police turn-in video, Melo phones the police and maintains that he never hit or choked his girlfriend, but does admit to making her walk the streets naked. He claims during his police turn-in that detectives investigating the case congratulated him for his actions.

“My people I apologize, I see what she said and I want you to know she is lying. There is no proof of what the reports here at prison says, that I strangled her and that I hit her. I didn’t hit her or anything. Even the detectives are here with me and some of them congratulated me because they see how happy she is and I didn’t pull her hair or anything. Some of the other prisoners are also on my side and they say some of them would have done worse things.”

Despite Melo claiming there is “no proof” that he hit or abused his girlfriend, the police believe otherwise, as the man was arrested and charged in the case. When the judge asked Melo if he regretted how he treated his girlfriend, the man simply stated that “she shouldn’t have done what she did,” indicating that he felt the punishment fit the crime. Following his statements in court, Melo appeared outside in good spirits as he smiled and grinned for the camera.


Meanwhile, the girlfriend says she lives in fear of Melo and that the boyfriend threatened to “slash her face” in the incident.

“He started threatening me, he threatened to slash my face.”

Melo has requested a trial, as he says he is innocent.

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