WWE Rumors: Huge 'WrestleMania' Match Result Spoiler -- Winner Of Battle Royal Getting WWE Title Feud This Year

WrestleMania 32 doesn't really have a lot set in stone just yet, and WWE is likely going to keep changing things up. Still, there is less than two months until the big Pay-Per-View, and some things need to be put in place soon. One match that is going to happen is the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and it appears as if the winner is now known, and that superstar is heading to a huge 2016, including a WWE World Title feud.

Please let it be known that there are going to be possible spoilers in this article for WrestleMania 32 so if you don't want to know, stop reading now.

There has been so much talk lately about Braun Strowman and what he's going to be doing this year. The huge member of The Wyatt Family has been attached to numerous big-time feuds, including one with Brock Lesnar and one with The Undertaker.

Most recently, a proposed WrestleMania 32 match between Strowman and The Undertaker has been all the rumored talk, but it wasn't met well. Apparently, there has been so much negative backlash that WWE has already decided to drop it.

That being said, plans for Braun Strowman, a Vince McMahon favorite, at WrestleMania 32 appear to now be known.

braun strowman wrestlemania 32 spoilers andre the giant
[Image via WWE]PWMania is reporting that the current plan is for Braun Strowman to enter and win the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He will win the match and the trophy and go on to really make his name known to the WWE Universe.

From this point, he would be pushed as the WWE's new monster, which is a title that once belonged to wrestlers such as Kane and Big Show. This would lead to a feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with Roman Reigns that could lead the company into the summer.

Reigns is expected to not only win at Fastlane, but then head into WrestleMania 32 for his match with Triple H and win it. This would give him back the WWE Title and make him a bit of a face for the company.

No matter what the outcome of that feud may be, it would then lead into another big battle for the giant of The Wyatt Family.

brock lesnar wwe rumors braun strowman summerslam
[Image via WWE]Once the summer hits, look for Braun Strowman to move onto a key feud with none other than Brock Lesnar. This feud would lead to a gigantic match between the two behemoths at SummerSlam, so it could be on another grand stage.

Paul Heyman would work as the normal voice for Lesnar while Bray Wyatt would be the voice for Strowman. It's not known who would end up winning this match, but that may not be decided until WWE sees how fans are taking to the big man after the next couple of months.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this is the route that WWE is definitely going with, at least through WrestleMania 32. WWE is going in a different direction for The Undertaker, and the proposed match between him and Strowman is out.

"Any talk of Undertaker vs. Strowman now is 99 percent dead."
As for The Undertaker, no-one really has any idea what WWE is going to do with him at WrestleMania 32. As Inquisitr reported, Kevin Owens pitched the idea of a match between him and "The Deadman," but WWE rejected it.

That means that something is in the works for The Undertaker, but it's not really known. Someone knows something though and it appears as if there are only a few backstage in WWE who are privy to that information.

Braun Strowman is Vince McMahon's new favorite, or at least very close to it at this point in time. He may not be wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, but he is going to get a huge push. Having him win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and going onto a WWE World Title feud and match with Brock Lesnar promises a gigantic 2016 for the big man.

[Image via WWE]