Luckiest Man In Russia Avoids Deadly Crash At Gas Station [Video]

A man in Russia is lucky to be alive after narrowly avoiding a crash at a gas station in the town of Orenburg. The man came so close to death that he’s been dubbed “the luckiest man in Russia.”

The video shows a bus driving down the highway near the Ural River. According to RT, the bus was carrying about 30 passengers when a truck made an errant turn and ran the bus off of the road.

The vehicles bumped together and went barreling toward an unsuspecting man standing at the pump at a Lukol gas station. A series of crashes occur around the man, sending cars flying and gas pumps flailing, but miraculously, the luckiest man in Russia was uninjured.

The unidentified man narrowly avoided being hit by both a bus and a truck, but even more surprising, the crash didn’t set off any type of explosion or ignite any fuel at the gas station.

According to Russia Today, only one person was injured in the crash. And elderly woman who was a passenger in the bus suffered minor injuries. The injuries were so minor, however, that she was not taken to the hospital.

Here’s the video of the luckiest man in Russia.