Serato's New iPhone DJ App Mixes Music Automatically For Users

There's a new iPhone app that acts as an intelligent DJ, allowing you to mix music with your iPhone without lifting a finger. The actual DJ app on the Apple Store is called Pyro, and it was made by an app developer named Serato.

The Verge reports this is the first iOS app DJ that will automatically mix your music for you--so all users have to do is set it down and forget about it. Upon closer look, the music just fades from song to song through the iPhone app. DJ software on the Apple Store isn't a new concept, but the idea that you can automatically mix music with an iPhone is.

So, what kind of music goes well with the DJ app?

"It's definitely dance music, hip hop, top 40s, and that kinda music that really this app is designed for and does an amazing job of," says AJ Bertenshaw, Serato's CEO and co-founder. "That's the kind of music you'd expect to hear mixed by a DJ."

It's true, but does this iPhone DJ match beats, or have any other kind of effects along with it?

"The powerful Serato algorithms inside Pyro allow it to break down each song, finding every beat, then blending them smoothly so it's hard to tell where one song ends and the next one begins," the company said recently.

"Serato Pyro actually changes the speed of the incoming song to match the one currently playing for an unbelievably smooth listening experience. If the tempos of the two songs are too far apart, Pyro uses an old DJ trick called the 'echo out' to make a smooth transition."
So, Serato's DJ app does break the songs down to their beats and blends them smoothly. 9 To 5 Mac reports that Serato is one of the most popular DJ software providers ever, and their new foray into being an App Store DJ choice is a new venture for them, despite the experience.

Bertenshaw made it clear that Serato doesn't see this iPhone DJ app as a replacement for a live music mixer, however. "If you think this is taking the job of a DJ, then you don't really know what a DJ does," he says. It's really just for when you have a few friends over and "no one wants to be the guy up there DJing to five people."

Well, that news is definitely unsurprising. An iPhone DJ app probably isn't going to be anywhere near as sophisticated as a live turntable.

Serato also mentioned that they work with the library already present on the iPhone, and can integrate with Spotify. Users can also rearrange their playlist without having to worry about the beat transitioning poorly.

"Pyro doesn't just play through an existing playlist; rather each music session is created on-the-fly, built from existing playlists and searches on the whim of the user at the time. It is easy to rearrange and edit the upcoming songs while the music is playing, so there is never any need to prepare before the party starts."

This new iPhone app is sure to change the dynamic of parties and hangouts everywhere. Now there's no need to get up every five seconds to change the song, because this new iPhone DJ app will do it for you.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]