'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Steffy Reacts To Liam's Message, And Thomas Works To Smooth Things Over With Caroline

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there are some dramatic moments ahead on Thursday's episode. Quinn engineered a phone call to Steffy from Liam, and it seems this may finally convince Steffy to let go of this relationship. Viewers have also seen some tender moments between Thomas and Caroline this week, and the February 11 show continues down this road.

As viewers saw on Wednesday's show, Quinn had Liam record a message that she would play for her supposed harasser the next time she got a call. Of course, her ultimate goal was to use that message as a voicemail for Steffy to convince her to stop chasing him down, seeking closure.

Quinn got her chance to create the voice mail and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that this plays out on Thursday's episode. According to We Love Soaps, Steffy catches up to the message in this next episode.

Steffy will share the contents of the message with Wyatt, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he will be horrified by what his brother said. Of course, Wyatt has no idea the great lengths his mother has been going to in order to facilitate his renewed romance with Steffy, so he has no reason not to believe that the message is legitimate.

Though Wyatt has been doing his best to sweep Steffy off her feet, she has been frank in saying that she needed a phone call or face-to-face exchange with Liam before she could consider moving on with Wyatt. Now that she got the call from Liam, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that she seemingly will accept that her relationship is indeed over, and she will apparently soon agree to marry Wyatt.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, Quinn has been pushing Wyatt to elope with Steffy, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that the two may soon make plans to do just that. However, there are also B&B spoilers floating around indicating that Liam may recover his memory just in time to stop the event.

Also ahead on Thursday's show is more interaction between Caroline and Thomas. During Wednesday's episode, she said that Thomas had seemingly grown and matured a great deal lately, and he acknowledged that he indeed had. He told her that he truly regretted what had happened between them, and said that he was glad there had been no long-lasting ramifications.

Naturally, that comment hit Caroline hard, as there most certainly is one big, lasting reminder of that night she was with Thomas. Caroline and Ridge have been working hard to keep the baby's paternity a secret, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that this may finally come to the surface not too much further down the road.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that soon Caroline will experience a medical emergency and Thomas will rush her to the hospital. It seems that she will ultimately be fine, but teasers detail that she will learn something important in the process, and it is said that this will be the baby's gender.

Just how far will things go in this bizarre situation with Quinn and Liam? The Bold and Beautiful spoilers are teasing that the two may end up in the sack with one another very soon, and the idea of the story going this far has definitely sparked a lot of conversation. Will things really go that far? How will Liam react to all of this when he does regain his memory?

There are plenty of twists and turns ahead as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next. Do you want to see Steffy marry Wyatt, or should she repair her relationship with Liam?

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