Are Ciara And Russell Wilson Getting Engaged?

Could Ciara and Russell Wilson be preparing to wed? Amid news of Ciara's recent lawsuit filing against her ex-boyfriend, rapper Future, in regard to his alleged "slander" of both her and her relationship, the singer has spoken out, revealing her Valentine's Day plans with the Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

"I do [have plans for Valentine's Day], but I can't talk about those plans," Ciara told E! News on February 11.

Ciara and Russell Wilson reportedly began dating in early 2015, but it wasn't until July of last year, when Wilson finally confirmed the relationship during an interview with Pastor Miles McPherson at the Rock Church in San Diego, California. At that time, it was revealed that Ciara and Russell Wilson were dating, but not having sex, as Wilson's religious beliefs do not allow for sex before marriage.

"I said to her – and she completely agreed – 'Can we love each other without that?' " Wilson recalled of the start of his relationship with the singer. "If you can love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody."

"I ain't gonna lie – I need ya'll to pray for us. Because I know you have seen her on the screen now. If there's a 10, she's a 15," he joked. "Pray for me, keep my mind clear, keep my heart clear."

As her interview with E! News continued, the idea of a Ciara and Russell Wilson engagement was brought up, and in response, she said, "You have to ask the guy that."

However, that doesn't mean Ciara is necessarily waiting for Wilson to get down on one knee. According to her, she's taking their romance slow, and hasn't put any pressure on her boyfriend to pop the question.

"Let me tell you, no pressure. One day at a time," she explained.

If there does happen to be a Ciara and Rusell Wilson engagement on Valentine's Day, it's fairly safe to say that the singer would accept, as she had tons of good things to say about her main squeeze.

"He's one of those guys that's super ambitious and always has something to do. He doesn't like to sit still, I can tell you that. He's a go-getter, he's a hard worker," Ciara said. "He inspires me with how driven he is and how committed he is to what he does. He's also so much fun. We have a good time both in-season and off-season, of course off-season we get to do a little more fun things. More date nights. But, he's the same guy no matter what day of the year, no matter what time of the day."

Ciara and Russell Wilson have been open with their romance, and their private choices for their relationship, since it began, and on social media, the couple often shares photos together with fans. Wilson has also grown close to Ciara's son with Future, and the boy has been seen at his games throughout the country.

Meanwhile, as Ciara and Russell Wilson's relationship remains strong, tensions have reached an all-time high with her ex-boyfriend, Future. Earlier this month, after Future appeared on a radio show, claiming Ciara and Russell Wilson have purposefully paraded Wilson's relationship with his son, and bashing on her parenting skills, she filed a $15 million lawsuit against him. As TMZ revealed, Ciara is suing for slander and libel and wants Future banned from speaking of their private matters.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images For KCSports2015]