Stevie J Claims To Have Slept With Mariah Carey, Almost Fights Nick Cannon On 'Wild 'N Out'

Nick Cannon was reportedly left fuming when Stevie J openly claimed to have slept with Mariah Carey during a recent taping of Wild 'N Out.

According to sources, Stevie J and his wife, Joseline Hernandez, had been invited to appear on the program, having already been familiar with the show's concept. Wild 'N Out consists of three segments; the last one being a freestyle, in which two teams diss one another in the hopes of winning a point for their crew.

Things reportedly went left when Stevie J said he had slept with Mariah — not once, but twice. TMZ alleges that the reality star wasn't joking when he made the comment, which allegedly left Cannon flabbergasted. Nick most certainly didn't want to cause a scene during the taping, but the Mariah Carey statement was so unsettling that it subsequently left him upset and embarrassed.

Hoping to win a point for his team following Stevie's outrageous claims, Cannon took a dig at the 44-year-old music producer, saying he should be more concerned about his wife, who was alleged to have slept with Rick Ross during the couple's brief time apart.

The audience were clearly entertained by what appeared as a fight waiting to erupt. Reports further allege that several producers for the show had to step in and cool down the heated situation. It wasn't hard to tell that both men were aggravating one another to the core; if one of them had thrown a punch, it wouldn't have come as a shock to anyone.

Cannon concluded his freestyle in a threatening manner, saying Stevie J would never work in Hollywood again, which was said to have been a reference to Nick's endless connections in television and music.

Fans of the show, however, are confused as to why Nick would get himself so worked up over a comment made by the '90s producer, for he already knows that the segment is all about who can throw the best insults.

Secondly, it was just a few months ago when Shaquille O'Neal made similar remarks on the same program, famously telling Cannon that the TV personality "wasn't the only one making Mariah hit them high notes."

The only difference between Shaquille and Stevie J's comments would be that O'Neal may have been joking, whereas the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star was actually telling the truth.

Stevie holds endless credits to his name, having produced some of the biggest songs of the '90s, including "Honey," which became one of Carey's biggest-selling tracks from her sixth studio album, Butterfly. With this in mind, it is understandable as to why Nick would be more offended with the comment being made by Stevie over those made by Shaquille.

It is unclear whether the two ended up resolving their problems after the show had been taped, but one is given the impression that Nick will not be having Stevie back on the program anytime soon. Cannon has never resorted to violence over something that a guest said during the fun-filled segments, but it seems as if comments regarding the mother of his children are hard to ignore, especially from those who have been romantically linked to the singer in the past.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown and Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]